What's the deal with Havaianas?

  1. I've never heard of them until I became a member of TPF.

    Are they extraordinarily different than average $2 flipflops from OldNavy?

    What's the scoop? :shrugs:
  2. Honestly, i don't care for them that much. They always give me blisters. Like my reefs much better
  3. Yeah, I'd like to know more about them too! I see ads for them all the time.
  4. I am not a huge flip-flops girl but they're pretty comfy and last quite long. The rubber sole seems to be more cushion-y than others, and they are quite cheap ($12-15 per basic pair) and come in a rainbow of colors so I guess the upside is that you can match them with your bikinis when you go the beach.
  5. they boast themselves as being the #1 flip flop people being in the business for centuries or something. my friend got a pair a long long time ago and kept saying how sooo darn comfortable they were. they say that they are indestructable and never hold odors, never wear out, etc etc.

    i got a pair but to be honest i was not that impressed. they of course are much better than old navy flipflops (or any other type of EVA) but thats because they are rubber sandals. i have a feeling that if you buy a pair of rubber sandals from any other manufacturer, you get the same quality. also, these are heavier (obviously, its rubber) so i can grow quite tired walking around in them, they slow me down - and i'm a very fast walker.

    pros: pretty much indestructable, they dont sink in meaning your feet dont get embedded into the soles, supposedly dont retain odors (But its not like i have smelly feet so i wouldnt know), have GREAT traction in the rain as opposed to EVA flipflops which have made me slip plenty of times, stylish - THE flip flop to get., come in variety of colors and prints. some are more expensive than others.

    cons: heavy, can cause blisters where the bands are.

    overall i think its a good investment, better than throwing out a pair of $3 old navy flip flops every couple of months ... and now the solid colored ones can be found on some sites at discount.

    i found some at century 21 for $8 for solids, $10 for some patterns, not too bad.
    a while ago i found solids for $6 at nessastyle.com (think thats the website, not sure)
  6. :roflmfao:
    This is the funniest thing I have read all day!!!!!!!!
  7. Ahhh....my favorite flip flops of all time. Open my closet and it's like looking in a candy shop (that's what my daughter said)...I have them in like 10 different colors. I love them so. I've never gotten a blister or anything and they're so comfy. Those $2.50 Old Navy flips are like made out of styrofoam pratically next to these. I love them. I've bought some on eBay, and then of course, you can't miss their website....

  8. I don't wear "flip-flops" often unless going literally next door to grab something from the store or to the beach, which also happens to be next door. lol But, I have a few pairs of Havaianas (thanks to a close friend that owns a boutique that stocks loads of them haha) and I like them. They are definitely more comfortable than the "Old Navy" ones, hence the price difference in this case. I have some of the limited edition ones and also one pair of these in black flat version (no wedge heel business for me in flip flops)


    The other posters are correct in saying that they last longer and don't fall apart. I don't know about the foot smelling thing as I luckily don't have that problem either. :p

    They are the flip flop to have down here in Miami and probably in any warm climate. I know my friend has to constantly reorder them because he sells so many. And, his prices are even inflated a bit because of the market. Thank goodness I get a discount. :graucho:
  9. they're very comfy. very "cushiony."
  10. are they? humm..my bff wears them but i only wear rainbows when it comes to flip flops..i guess i should give these a chance..
  11. I love Havaianas...my Old Navy ones just get thinner and thinner everytime I wear them AND the color stains my feet!! ICK. They're not very durable. Havaianas are pretty lasting, so that's why I like them...cute colors too!

    I see them at Heritage [used to be XXI / Forever 21]
  12. I bought two pairs. One pair is quite comfortable: more comfortable than the average flip-flop but marginally so. The other pair were so painful! They gave me blisters within 15 minutes practically everywhere they touched my foot. That was very odd. They do seem fairly durable, however, which is a big plus.
  13. if you guys are getting blisters, you may consider sizing up. i'd never thought i'd say that with havs (they run big usually), but if you've worn havs for awhile (before they were popular) you'll notice the sizing has changed. some are marked 37, others 36/37, others 37/38 and i've found this makes a big difference.

    i have narrow feet and high arches and this is the only flip-flop i can wear for hours. it supports my foot as good as some of my actual shoes, and they are incredibly light (imho) and almost bouncy. i have neutrals mostly: the old gold, silver, metallic navy, black, and white. that arsenal keeps me set for all of my swimsuits/sundresses when i'm at the beach/lake.

    edit: with the plain, standard hav, i SELDOM get blisters from these shoes. i can count the times i've gotten a blister on one hand and i've worn havs since 2000.


    i bought THESE in march of this year, and they are AWFUL! i have yet to wear these (and i've only worn them two or three times) without them giving me a blister within two hours:
  14. I have several pair of the standard ones and while I don't wear them often.. I often have a pair in my car if I am gonna stop by the store or mall after work and don't want to wear my 3 or 4 inch heels in there! I also have never gotten a blisterbut mine are a little big! I love that they hold their shape and never cause my feet to hurt no matter how long I wear them!
  15. i'm a MAJOR flip flop wearer, and i was really skeptical of havaianas at first (i used to wear ONLY jcrew flip flops, which are also great, but the ones i like only come in navy with patterned straps). i wanted a pair of black flip flops to wear with a particular sundress, so i asked a brazilian friend of mine if they were really that awesome - she said they were, so i tried them and WOW. they hurt my feet the first time i wore them, which is often the case when i try a new brand of flip flops, but ever since, they've been wonderful. my feet DO tend to sweat, and many flip flops retain odors quickly, but i've been wearing the same black pair for 6 months and they're still in great condition and don't smell at all. even the $30 jcrew flip flops wear out more quickly than that, and i HATE rainbows (they actually made me bleed within an hour).

    i can walk for hours in havaianas and my feet don't hurt (i have really high arches, so my feet eventually do hurt in almost all shoes, even sneakers), and you can usually find them on sale.