what's the deal with bluefly?

  1. i am hoping some of you can provide some clarification here as it seems recently there have been more that a few instances of fake bags for sale on bluefly. being from canada, i am not that familiar with them and generally, do not make a lot of online purchases. where does bluefly get their merchandise from and how do they gain access to it? it just doesn't make sense to me that out of the blue (no pun intended), bluefly suddenly and with some regularity has a whack of in demand, discontinued or out of circulation colours. did someone do a big warehouse sweep and just come across all these bags? maybe its me, but something just isn't sitting right. if Bal NY, Paris or any of the authorized sellers don't have any of these bags, why would bluefly? just asking.:wondering :suspiciou :unsure:

  2. the bags that were up this morning were fake, but generally bluefly tries veeeery hard to be only authentic. the impression that i get is that they sell overstocks from department stores, boutiques, etc. like if a particular bag didn't sell and now the company has too many and is getting too much new stuff in to stock them in the stores or keep them in the warehouse. those bags are bought at bulk prices by bluefly, who then sells them to us. i think they probably just got involved with a supplier that claimed they represented balenciaga when they didn't, so now they have an issue.
  3. ok, then my next question is who is in charge of purchasing and is there no quality control? shouldn't bluefly be familiar with authorized sellers of any of the high-end designer bags? how is it that once they receive their overstock shipmment, nobody in the know is inspecting the merchandise before listing it online? don't you think the person in charge should be familiar with the distinctive characteristics of a designer bag, especially the ones that are so commonly copied? maybe they don't care or its not part of their policy.