What's the deal with Anya Hindmarch?

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  1. Does anyone here own her stuff? Why is it so expensive?
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  2. ...Why are The Row and Victoria Beckham bags so expensive then? Or LV and all those premier brands for that matter. It's just a price that's set by the designer.

    I have one of her wallets, and I would say it's worth the money. Take a look at the Anya Hindmarch thread.
  3. I don't have one of her bags, unfortunately, Puja, but I have seen a few in real life, especially the ones with the famous stickers.

    AH's bags are made in Italy.
    The craftsmanship is perfect.
    The leather is thick and great quality.
    The stickers are very well made and applied to the leather using a special process.
    The brand is expensive , I agree.
    I am waiting for the summer sales....
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  4. Quality costs money. Simple as that. Quality in design, quality in details, quality in manufacturing, quality in service...it all costs. I'd rather spend my money on AH than LV any day. With my current situation, I can only dream of those gorgeous sticker decorated bags, but some day I hope to own one myself.
  5. Are you sure they are all made in Italy? I have an old Ebury that is great quality but made in China. I was wondering if they have changed where the bags are made, or if different bags are made in different locations?
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  6. Leather on my maxi-zip is among the best of any in collection including Balenciaga, Givenchy, St Laurent, Ferragamo, , LV, Choo, Wang, Coach 1941 and others.

    Don't use it much -it's heavy for what it holds- yet you prompted me to want to pull her out for the day!
  7. Yes, I've seen bags and wallets made in China. Cute designs but I am not going to buy a MIC item at her price point.
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  8. I have only seen made in Italy bags, thank you ladies for letting me know about the MIC items.
  9. it is disappointing. Part of the reason why I don't buy her stuff anymore.
  10. I have 6 AH bags and all of them are made in Italy! Only 1 purse I have is made in China.
  11. Is the MIC one as expensive as the Italian made bags you have?:sad:
  12. I can't tell you. The made in China purse I have is a bargain from ebay, it was very cheap and made of PU, not leather. So it's a whole different thing from the bags :-/
  13. some of her bags are made in China. I once bought a Valorie clutch (Glitter one), but then it is made in china. I returned it because of 2 reasons,

    1. Glitter was all over my hands
    2. Made in CHINA. (am not against Made in China bags, but for the price point, I would not buy China made ones)
  14. Do you have a picture? It wants the AH for Target was it?
  15. My new AH. Not sure if it durable though.Will put this one to a test.