What's the deal w/ vernis color transfer?

  1. I want the heart coin purse in the pomme however I do not own any vernis and I have no idea what people are talking about when speaking of "color transfer" Please fill me in so I do not ruin my heart!!
  2. If you place vernis on printed material ie. newspapers, magazines for an extended period of time, the ink may migrate to the patent leather which I think is not removable. Also, dyes from darker fabrics may also do that.
  3. I think it's overrated..... lol but I only have framboise stuff, so I dunno about the lighter colours. I've tried using a highlighter to colour the leather, and the ink wiped right off, nothing happened; I also tried scratching the leather, seems to be scratch-resistant lol.
  4. :wtf: :wtf: sounds like an "LV sin"
    what are you doing with a highlighter?
  5. If you're worried about it, go for a framboise or pomme d'amour one..they won't show marks as much as the perle would. I think people are just afraid of it so they don't even consider getting any pieces in vernis at all..but it's really not as delicate as you might think.
    Like Karman said, just keep ink and newsprint away from it.
  6. lol....I was studying. Then my new purchase beside me caught my eye....and I was like...."hmmm....colour transfer eh?....let's try it!" lol (I'm crazy! lol)
  7. Yeah, the newer colors are a lot better (esp. the darker ones). I have mostly vernis bags and have had very few issues with color transfer! (I have bought items with a bit of transfer, but it's never actually happened to me).

    Here's another auction with examples.
  8. Wow.
    I don't even like to have pens or pencils near my bags..I've gotten marks on them before and now I try to keep them away from my pieces.
  9. Poor little bedford :crybaby:

    ^^ I'd cry if I saw that on my bag...

    Which is why I love the light Vernis colours, but will stick with the darker ones instead! (I can imagine that Indigo is probably one of the most durable, along with Bronze)

  10. :yes: :yes: ..
  11. :yes: :yes: