What's the craziest thing you've done to get a guy's attention?

  1. Once, there was this guy that I was completely in love despite the fact that we had talked maybe once - twice? Anyways so one day he was talking to a good friend of mine even though in reality he was just staring at her enormous boobs while she talked on and on. I went into "flirting mode" and started doing my "strut".....basically my sexiest walk :rolleyes:(believe it or not, it works 95% of the time lmao!!). But since my eye contact was completely focused on the guy so that way when he looked at me our eyes would connect and we would expierence a "moment", I wasn't really paying much attention to where I was "strutting".........and long story short I ended up running into a pole.

    Great way to impress a guy, right?
  2. i went out with a guys roommate, but that didn't work.
  3. Ok, this is soooo embarassing, but I used to be obsessed with a boy whne I was in college. He liked to party and be "free" on the weekends. I actually used to drive him and his friends to and from parties/clubs on Saturday nights!!!! This way I felt that could "monitor" what he was doinga and he would still be forced to spend some time with me. WTF was my problem?!!! PATHETIC!!!!

  4. I once stood up in a Mexican restaurant and sang karaoke to get a cute guy's attention who was also in the "cantina" section of the restaurant. It worked too! But he turned out not be "the one".:nogood:
  5. I stalked him on myspace for a week, and then sent him numerous emails. hahahah.
    then I found out who was picking him up at the airport for the club (since he was playing in my city that night) and I switched with the driver so I can pick him up.
    Spent 4 hours in a salon getting ready - you name it, hair nails makeup etc....
    sounds psychotic??? a bit, but
    we're getting married in 3 months.

  6. i haven't done anything overly insane lately...the worst example i can think of was in 5th grade.

    there was a guy, his name was Dan. i'm pretty sure, looking back, that he had a thing for me too, but i was hopelessly in love at the time and thought that he'd never notice me. we went to the same summer camp. he was kind of a daredevil a the ripe old age of 10, and we were on the swings one day, so i decided to jump off my swing at the highest point to impress him.

    i'm terribly afraid of heights, so i hesitated a bit when i jumped, landed on my butt, and seriously bruised my tailbone. i couldn't sit, stand, lay down, ANYTHING without intense pain for like a week. it hurt to exist.

    and now i'm trying to remember his last name so i can look him up on Facebook...
  7. I had the biggest crush on this handsome Dominican guy that worked as a teller at the bank.

    I went to the bank about 3-4 times a week for whatever reason and then finally scored his digits eventually and a date.

    The rest was history. lol

    I basically stalked him.
  8. update: i remembered his last name and found him on facebook! and he's still cute!

  9. lol!!!:tup:
  10. I was hostessing at a lakeside restaurant one summer during college. He was having a business lunch and looked gorgeous. When he was done with lunch I asked the waitress if I could be the one to give him the check. I wrote on the check, "Would love to get to know what makes you smile. Call me (insert my number here)."

    8 years later I'm married and I know what makes him smile. Me! hehe.:nuts:
  11. oh dear, my husband is still laughing at me for those attempts....

    we were in the same office and whenever he went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea or whatever I would 'accidentally' drop by... SO freaking obvious. he was flattered nonetheless but I guess because he was interested.
  12. I just remembered another........and this one was really stupid when i look back on it.......I was at a mall with a friend in a city that's a couple of hours from where I live and I was reading the mall directory when this incredibly hot guy came up right next to me to read the directory too......I really wanted to talk to him so I said that first thing that came to my mind: "I can't read this board? Could you read it outloud to me?"

    He just gave me this really weird look and then walked away.

    GAHH!! I must of looked like an idiot!
  13. too many.....
    -Insisting on driving back home the guy, switching with his friend...and ending up kissing him
    -after a few days of observing that cute guy who was checking the quality of the machines, I just went to him and told him he was attractive (we were both:shame:smile: and that's too direct.
    -getting to know some of his friends only to invite them at parties and only to tell them "oh you know you can invite some friends too, like (insert name) "
    But most of the time I was too paralyzed to act natural so I remained silent or said stupid things :push:
    ....after a while I was done with those crazy moves, if a guy is interested then he 'll show up....
  14. That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
  15. Most of my most embarassing attempts were made in high school and I've tried to erase them from my memory :shame:. I was trying to impress this guy I liked as I was "talking" to one of my friends about my dance classes during gym class. I remember being in the weight room and for some reason doing straddle jumps and the splits. The other guys were looking but not the one I intended! Yeah, a little too hyperactive.

    Before I became involved with my DH, I was at a diff college where there was this really cute guy who was in an acapella singing group. I would always strategically place myself at a table near him in the union or "drop by" his dorm to see if he was there even though my own building was on the other side of campus! Before I could continue my stalking, I started dating DH. :yes: