What's the craziest thing you've done to be able to afford the bag you wanted?

  1. From dipping into savings to eating ramen, what's the craziest thing you've ever done to be able to afford a bag you wanted? :P
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  2. I wouldn't consider this crazy, but I made a trade off when buying my car and decided not to get a luxury vehicle - so I can carry a luxury handbag! For me it was totally worth it.
  3. Skipped out on a vacation to Mexico to buy a bag instead; good thing too since it apparently rained the whole time I would have been there...
  4. Have to say, I go to my local ramen shop once a week lol. Fresh ramen is amazing.

    That said I've never done anything crazy to afford a bag, but I do get neurotic about getting the absolute best deal. Hours of comparison shopping, researching coupons, rebate sites, etc. all in the name of saving a few bucks.
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  5. I think the craziest thing I did was that I called my ex, asked him to return what he owns lol.
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  6. purposefully overdrew my bank account

    BUUUUUUUUUUT it paid off, it was for THREE random Rebecca Minkoff 'Loveletter' bags at Nordstrom Rack last year for 250.00 each, i kept one and sold the other two for 500.00 each within days :smile:
  7. Saved for it.

    If you know me, you'd know that was crazy
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  8. Hmm.
    I must have an extinct value system.
    Possibly, I am a t-rex.
    Because didn't buy luxury handbags, when I couldn't afford them.
    Just locked tiny arms onto essentials/bigger priorities.
    And roared.
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  9. Years ago I really wanted a Mulberry Bayswater. I spent a foolish amount of time scouring web sites, searching for the best price, the best deal. I contacted stores in Britain that occasionally have sales on them. I checked the dollar vs. pound conversion rate almost daily. TPFers from the Mulberry forum were e-mailing me regularly with sale sitings. The day after Christmas I got up at 4 a.m. to be one of the first on Mulberry's web site for their Boxing Day sale. Alas, the bag I wanted wasn't on sale. Then suddenly the price of the Bayswater nearly doubled. And the quality deteriorated, with the bags being manufactured of thin leather in Morocco rather than luxuriously thick leather in Britain. For some reason I could not see myself carrying books by Dickens, Chaucer and the Bronte sisters in a bag slapped together in Morocco. Agatha Christie novels maybe, but not the Bronte sisters. I decided to move on with my life. :shucks:
  10. Told my husband if he'd buy me the bag I wanted (LV Speedy) it would count for the whole year's worth of gift giving occasions (birthday, anniversary, Christmas and Valentine's Day)! Not a huge sacrifice since I usually have trouble deciding what to ask for any way.

    I would never go into debt or scrimp on food or other essentials to get a bag though, so maybe I'm a dinosaur too!
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  11. Great reply, same here ;)
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  12. +1
    (and did a crazy weeding out of my closets and sold a bunch of stuff to help cover it)
  13. :ghi5:


    ...and you know with such crazy behaviour is must have been :love:
  14. +1.

    Revolve a day in my trip to London to find my first Hermes bag because the exchange rate in London vs US made the bag more affordable so I could buy more things. Haha.
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  15. I can't think of anything crazy I've done for a bag (well, crazy by my standards anyway!) but I do have to say most of my family and friends think that I am CRAZY for the number of bags I have. They just don't get me like you all do LOL.