what's the craziest most desperate thing you've ever done for hermes?

  1. you know, you just HAD to have something- how far have you gone? are willing to go?

    i'm going away today and didn't bring a scarf as i couldn't decide which would work. i'm wearing my hermes necklace instead. but thinking about it today i realized that the lilac champs de courses in lilac would be perfect with nearly everything i am bringing to wear. so i start thinking- should i get this? how do i get this if i think i should? i am taking a cab to the airport and hermes is on the way, can i have the cab stop and run in? can i call and have someone bring it out to the cab for me? omg have i lost my MIND?

    what have you done and what would you do if you were me? lol.
  2. There IS one occasion, teehee. There was a Press Conference for my anchor client. This was during my ad agency days.......I wore Hermes from head to toe - except footwear which were sandals(I live on an island where closed-toe sandals are almost formal!).......I thought I was so fabulous......Birkin with H-charms(yes, plural), Hermes shirt, H-scarf, H-Trousers, H-watch, H-bracelets(4 of them) Saw pictures of myself in a magazine. I looked utterly ridiculous. Like an Hermes model without the perfect skin, bod and hair. I cringe when I think about it.

    You have to forgive me...this was quite a while back when the H-bug first bit and went delirious. Have toned down a lot since then.

  3. Hey I think if you SA is willing to bring it out to the cab for you. Go for it or else you will be thinking about it for the whole trip.:drool:
  4. lol eric i want to see pics!

    ok, is that even crazier- thinking they would run it out to me? lol.
  5. Yeah, I would totally call ahead, speak to my SA, pre-pay and then tell the cabbie "two stops!" and give him the H address first--then call your SA to tell her that you're on the way! If it's a boutique, you can just have the cab pull up in front whilst you run in and grab it! (it's already paid for, so no waiting!). If it's in with other stores, see if she'll meet you out front.

    'Cause I agree with Cxyvr that if you DON'T get it, you'll be THINKING about how great it WOULD have been if only you'd picked up that scarf! And you don't want that!

    Man! Am I a good enabler, or what?! :angel::devil:
  6. I don't think that's crazy Hlfinn! If you tell 'em what the deal-io is, and your SA has a good relationship with you, I'm pretty sure she'd do it and laugh the whole time!
  7. I definitely wouldn't leave my bags in the cab and run in - what if the cab runs off! You can maybe have a SA run it out - or you could cab over there and back beforehand? LOL. Very funny.
  8. Yeah Eric, you HAVE to post pics! You can't tease us like that!!
  9. LOL Eric:nuts:
  10. Ask DH to take me and the boys with him to Japan (I hate to fly!) on one of his business trips just so I can shop at the resell and H boutique. So I pulled the boys out of school (they had to take 1 week worth of school work with them), took some vacation time, hired a house sitter (closet is locked up tight), just so I can get some new Hermes purse ( I am coming home FULLY loaded with stuff!). I am truly nuts.
  11. NICE Princess! Well done! I can't wait to see all the stuff you haul in!

    See, Hlfinn...calling the store to run a scarf out to you is NOTHING!
  12. Eric, pictures!! I bet you looked better than you think too!
  13. LOL Eric! I want to see that pic!:p

    I guess the craziest thing I ever done for Hermes so far is taking a half day off or a full day depends how busy I am at work, waiting for the arrive of the orange box at home. :nuts:

    This happens each time, and thank God I don't to recieve big orange box that often. I just couldn't justify when the orange box arrives and there will be no one in the house to welcome it!:rolleyes:
  14. If the quick stop is not an option...have it sent fedex and you will have it by next morning...
  15. LOL. I called my sister in law and asked her to scope the boutiques for me. I wanted to know what was there, how much, every detail possible. I even had her take photos with her phone and send them to me. Anything that I REALLY had to have and couldnt wait to see in person I had her purchase (paid her once I got there....aheem...JPG birkin). So I guess that is number 2 for the most desperate thing to do for Hermes?!