Whats The Cost Of 2.55?

  1. Hi can anyone tell me the average cost of a plain black 2.55? or the average price of any style 2.55.

    I really want one but dont want to ask the price in store unless im sure i can afford it. So roughly how much should i save up?

  2. I believe the 2.55 (Classic/medium) is $1,595.00.
  3. Hi Michele, Thanks, il have to get saving!
  4. Medium lambskin is $1750 before taxes.
  5. A 3-micron gold-plated clasp
    6 people to make a purse
    10 hours' work
    180 manufacturing operations
    $1750: the U.S. price of a medium classic lambskin 2.55
    $1595: the U.S price of a medium classic caviar 2.55

    The "low-down" taken from Stiletto 05/05/05