What's the correct pronounciation for Hermes?

  1. I was talking to some friends today, I pronounce Hermes as "Air-MEHZ" or "Er-MEHS" (german phonics???). They kept correcting me by saying "Her-MAYS". Am I wrong? What's the correct on for Soufflot? "Suf-LOW"???
  2. Thanks! Just found it actually and I don't know how to delete this thread!
  3. It is a very interesting one because even though a lot of us know that the real (or should I say the most accepted) pronounciation for Hermes would be air-mes (or something similar to that), I always want to confirm with some French-literate members here. We all know that H in French is silent, however, S is also silent at the end of a word (eg Troi"s", Avenue De"s" Champs Elysee"s") , so wouldn't that makes Hermes "air-may" instead? Compare the end of Des with Hermes, and Des is pronounced as "day"... anyone?

    I know discussions like this might never end, and we probably wouldn't come up with a definitive pronounciation unless the Hermes family member comes out and clarify.. :shame:
  4. HA HA! Too true! I will tell you a funny tho! Yesterday (was it only yesterday??) whilst I was paying for my NEW bracelet (I posted pics of it yesterday too!), my SA had to call regarding the check (sometimes, I hate technology). Well, after she was finished with the operator, she hangs up laughing...and I'm like "what? What did she say?". And the SA (giggling) replies "she just said 'thanks Hermes (but, pronounced it: HER MEES)SF' ". Very funny. I asked if that happens often and she said it happens every day...but, that it makes her smile (NOT in a mean way! She said that with a very sweet smile!).

    Good, yes?
  5. Many of the German Ladies I know (meaning my in-laws friends) pronounce it phonetically, ie: "Herr-mes". Funny, huh? One asked me a while ago "where did you get that scarf? and I said "Hermes" (pronounced the usual way)...she looked at me puzzled, and when I showed her the name, she said "OH! HERRR-MAYS!!"..and looked at me, and tut-tutted like I was an idiot!! LOL!!
  6. I met a Director of Hermes Asia years ago and I actually confirmed with him. The pronounciation should be "Air-r-mess".
  7. I think I read somewhere that the family uses a combination of the French and Greek pronunciation?
  8. Well it's difficult to me...since I'm not good in English pronunciation ;)

    But I think "Heir-Mess" or Hair-Mess" would be very close to our French pronunciation !!!
  9. HG, you are correct (no surprise there). I had read in an article on Hermes that the origins of the name Hermes (and the family) is Greek.
  10. take a shot of Tequila and than try pronouncing it:nuts:
  11. "ex - pen - siv"

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