What's the cheapest way to get Coach (besides outlets/sales)?

  1. Any sites that has a good collection online that typically has a code? ******?

    I'm not lucky enough to get a 25% off coupon like some of the ladies here but I'm trying to do it smart.

    I'm looking at a few things from the fall collection so outlets are not really an option. Where do you normally get your bags?

  2. I get mines from the coach store. Most people here know I'm not a sales shopper. I'm a bit clausterphobic around clutter.

    Ebay is the only place I suggest other than the regular places (Macy's, Nordies, L&T, and Coach).
  3. i take the risk and do ebay. i've been successful and have never gotten a fake, thank goodness.
    but, as far as i know, the coach site and the store (and, subsequently, the department stores) are the only places to get coach.
  4. Thx...I'm always on the hunt for a deal hehe. I just feel like its a struggle for me to pay full price. It's silly I know :upsidedown:
  5. I would definitely not try the various web sites that tell you they are selling authentic coach...because they are not authorized distributors. If you really want to try to get yourself a better deal ebay is the only other way to go. I've only bought 4 coach things off ebay (I have 70+ items in my collection) everything else has come from the coach store, coach outlet, or department stores so that I KNOW its authentic. The few items I have bought off EBAY I've verified that folks recommended the seller (there's a thread in here someplace on "reputable sellers on ebay") and I ONLY buy if there is 100% feedback and all the comments look good too. Plus...with so many experts here...I'd suggest taking advantage of the "authenticate this" thread here in the coach subforum when you see something you might want to buy.
  6. totally not silly.
    i'm a broke college student working a crapola part time job. i feel ya.
  7. I do eBay, TJMaxx (have gotten 2 bags from there so far and some wristlets), and outlets only. I have yet to buy from the department store.
  8. i just do the store and the outlet during the sales.
  9. kathyrose....i love your collections!
  10. Hahah! My old roomate was estatic when she found wristlets at TJmax!!! She got me excited about it too but those go soo fast here that I never even saw them! And of course, neither of us were lucky enough to see bags there. :P

  11. From time to time I've gotten great sales at Lord & Taylor's and Bloomingdale's. Sometimes Macy's will have some of the previous season's bag at 25% or more off. With the department stores, you just never know when you'll see a particular bag on sale (or how many will be left in the store). Good luck :yes:
  12. there is a really good way to get the latest fall collection at a percentage off but its a secret i rather not say over a public forum?

    anyone interested can always PM me.

    as for the 25% off coupon. it's tricky. either you have to a) know the sales person really well at the store b/c sometimes they can give it to you (the card)

    or b) you just have to spend over 250$ maybe twice or more and be on their system!

    can't stress the importance of that. if you give them your full info when purchasing you'll be on their client track and while the big spenders usually get the coupon....

    you never know!
  13. outlets aren't really convenient for me and they never have stuff I like and I never get coupons so I either buy it on sale @ Macy's which is usually 30% off @ the most or go to Ebay. Ebay is great for harder to find stylesand you can always come here for help w/authentication.

    The best deal I've gotten is on a Hamptons carryall, where retail was $398 and I got it BNWT on Ebay for $201 shipped, a current season model @ that :yahoo:
  14. hmm...not to be a party pooper but... there is no current hampton's carryall priced at 398.

    i believe that is an older model, which the newer ones look like so you may get the two mixed up but the belt and trim is different.

    the one you're referring to is gone from stores and you'll probably see it in outlets next year.
  15. ^^^ when I bought it it was current, probably a year ago. Wonderful bag-it holds everything w/o being too heavy. I'm only sad I didn't get it in brown as well