What's the cheapest I can get a second hand Balenciaga like NR.

  1. So I'm in the market for a black one (not sure of the name). It's like the black one Nicole Richie uses. How much should I be paying for this as I'm not sure how much is too much. Preferably after the one with the smallest studs (older style?).
  2. Nicole Ritchie carries a black city. The hardware on it is called regular hardware or RH. Retail for it now is $1445 and rumor has it we will see a price increase in the spring. This bag is seen on eBay constantly but the BIG issue is the amount of fakes out there. It is the most faked Balenciaga out there. If you go through the forum there is one thread that lists places to buy Balenciaga on the web and off. You can start there. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the advice! I'm torn between the black (need a black throw around bag) and a coloured one (maybe raisin) as a fun bag. Which one do you think I'll get more wear out of?
  4. Or something from the purple family!
  5. You'd get wear out of either one of those. Raisin is a lovely color but rare as it was a seasonal color. The only color produced every yr is black and white. Anything else is a seasonal and usually for just one season. A place to look for second hand that is better tha eBay is Bonanza.com. It's like eBay as in private sellers but there is much less going on in fakes there. Also on this forum you can get it authenticated. The people who do that really KNOW Balenciaga and they definitely rock. I bought my pre-owned after getting them to look and authenticate.

    As I said good luck with the hunt.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I actually do search on Bonanza from time to time, probably just not as much as eBay. Do you know what's the difference between Bonanza and Bonanzle?
  7. Bonanza is the same as Bonanzle. For some reason they changed the name to that.
  8. Thanks for clarifying! I get so confused, sometimes I type Bonanza and other times I type Bonanzle :roflmfao:
  9. I'm new to Bonanza. How is it that the same item is both listed on eBay and Bonanza?
  10. Sellers can do that (legally, I think, though I can see ebay kicking up a fuss) to get more exposure to their stuff.

    Most times, the things on Bonanza are less expensive because the fees there are cheaper.
  11. Thank you! Gotta check Bonanza everyday now.