What's the Cheapeast Bag You Carry?

  1. Ok, I love my Manhattan PM and BH but sometimes I just don't want to carry them when I don't want to worry about getting them dirty or just need a change.

    I've see the post about the most expensive bag you own but what about the cheapest?

    Today I'm carrying a Maxx messenger bag-- less than $40. I have to say, it's great to be able to throw it around and slather my hands with lotion!

    What about the rest of you? What's your less expensive bag you like to use?
  2. My least expensive is my Doony collection.
  3. A lovely blue shoulder bag that I bought for university. From MEXX for 55 € and absolutely perfect! :yes:
  4. My throw around bag is my speedy fuschia pref....
  5. Fossil olive green small twill messenger. It was $80, I love taking it to baseball games or on hikes in the woods, etc. It has such a cute lining, too.

    Seen in the lower part of this photo:

  6. I use all my coach when I dont want to carry my LV so a place where it may get messed up. Like the beach.
  7. my pink SAK shoulder bag..was on sale for $20 :love: I love it still...or my paul frank shoulder bag..it was a gift :jammin:
  8. I use a Gucci bag that was $800 or so. I do have cheaper bags like Pochettes but I don't use them.
  9. My Juicy Couture, Coach (100.00usd)and a Prada(this bag was expensive but, durable and because I have had it awhile I baby it less...it cost more than my LV... durable leather bag....it still looks like new and I have had it for years and it has been through rain,wind and snow.

    My Gucci's and LV are my babies right now....
  10. Um..I have some Coach, Juicy and a couple of Samantha Thavasa bags also..but they were still higher than my cheapest. I'd either have to go with my D&B IT bags (bought my dad before I was into LV) which were in the $125-$150 range, my gold Michael Kors clutch (was about $140) or my LV mono pochette (was $270, including the extender at the time.)
  11. A couple of trusty and relatively waterproof Longchamps tote bags: When it's really pouring rain--or when I'm headed somewhere like a baseball/football game or a bar where beer is likely to get poured on my bag--that's what I turn to...
  12. My cheapest bag?? Oh my...where do I start?
    LOL...I use to ALWAYS carry cheap handbags...until I got into LV. Before LV, Guess purses were my most expensive purses (back then $90 seemed to be a lot of money). But right now, my cheapest bag...that I know the price of...must be a pink shoulder bag with a crystal "K" initial on the front that I bought from Payless Shoes when I was in high school. I don't carry that bag very often anymore, however.
  13. The cheapest I carry is a leather Juicy Couture bag that I bought on sale for $199.
  14. Mine is an Oroton drawstring bag, it's similar to the Noe and that's a bag I don't really care for
  15. My cheapest bag I think is my LV mono pochette, when I bought it it was only $120!! I guess my cheapest full size bag (that I use) is a tie between a prada nylon tote and a MJ shoulder bag (both got super cheap at last call sales) well around $200.....