What's the chance of getting a new or like-new metallic Cabat...

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  1. Hi BV lovers~

    I asked here a while ago if any metallic color is still in production and sadly the answer was no.

    Since then I have changed my plan to getting a new or like-new Cabat in Platino Ossidato, Ottone or Reflet (which are said to be the best metallic colors Bottega Veneta ever made from one of the thread on TPF) on eBay.

    Now here's my question: is it possible at all to get a Cabat in these colors in a very good condition at a reasonable price? Should I settle for something with more signs of use or simply wait for BV to make metallic bags again? Had I been lucky enough to own one such bag, I wouldn't even think of selling it, which is why I am wondering. Thanks for your input!

  2. Explore all your options... BV bags turn up at times when you least expect.:smile:

    Just check with your sources & be patient..

    Since fall 2014 will be shown in the next few weeks, BV my decide to repeat
    a metallic..

    Good luck
  3. There is a beautiful peltro cabat on malleries right now. Great seller great bag. Take a look.
  4. I'll be patient... and keep my fingers crossed. Thank you~:smile:
  5. Peltro is such a beautiful color! I would kill for a peltro new pyramid :P
  6. I'm torn between the peltro Cabat and a moon one on eBay, and I'm also a little worried that a Platino Ossidato Cabat might suddenly show up after my budget is used... That is partly why I started this thread. :thinking:
  7. I am positive that eventually one will show up in the resale market, either through eBay or reputable online consignment stores. So my advice if you are waiting for a medium cabat (not a mini b/c those are SO rare) is to wait until you see the bag of your dreams before you splurge.

    I always wanted an ottone cabat, and one day I randomly saw it pop up on the resale market at a very reasonable price! And now it is mine and I absolutely adore it! There are so many new deals every day, however for the desirable metallics, I don't know if they will be over your budget. But if a BV metallic in those specific shades are worth it, then I am convinced that they will show up eventually.
  8. I am about 90% sure that the Platino Ossidato cabat was goat skin which made it a little heavier than the others
    me personally I would go for the Peltro
    Peltro was such a wonderful color

  9. There is also a peltro continental wallet on Malleries. I have this and have used it continuously for the last 2 years and it shows only minor wear :graucho:
  10. I would certainly keep hunting for a previously loved metallic in good condition. My holy grail was the ottone cabat. I was busy at work and wasn't doing much searching. One night back in late 2012 I scored a mint condition medium ottone cabat for an amazing price on the bay. I then found the matching zip wallet, lanyard, and bracelet. I would hold out for "the one." A cabat is a major investment. If you do purchase on the resale market, check the photos carefully. Cabat wear points are the handles and the corners. I LUV my ottone and carry her often. I am now saving for a new, large cabat. According to Ivan at the SF boutique, there are no metallics on the horizon. I keep dropping hints to Tomas, hoping he is reading posts from his beloved BVettes. I am holding out for a special large cabat in a deep gray or metallic like a titanium or deep pewter. Staub has a now retired cookware color called Titanium. That would be my perfect cabat color. Hope this helps in your search.
  11. I'm sorry but now I cannot get the idea of a Cabat with a matching Dutch oven off my mind... :lol::lol:
  12. Thanks for all your kind replies. I think I'm going to hold on now for "the one" to show up. Though eventually I suspect I'm going to need more than one metallic Cabat...
  13. Titanium is a fantastic color. Maybe I relate better because I love to cook.
  14. Oh I love Staub!
  15. I think if you are patient you might just find one or more than one. I missed out on the Ottone, Barcelona and moon but managed to find all 3 in pretty good condition at a fraction of the price. The handles of the Barcelona are worn but I've sent it back to the boutique to have them replaced. The rest of the bag looked fantastic. There's a moon on eBay now that's in almost new condition if you're interested.