Whats the catch?

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  1. In the wardrobe section there is a stunning girl whose style i ADORE!! When asked where she got her boots she posted the link.


    Now, how do stores sell boots for so cheap? The prices of shoes are INSANE! I desperately need to buy shoes (all shoes. 5-10 pair minimum to start). And I was wondering if i got a bunch from here, I could buy one or two NICE pairs for 600.00 or so each without feeling to guilty.

    But are shoes this cheap too good to be true? Gotta be some catch. I know they wont be real leather but is that the biggest deal on earth?
  2. There is no catch- they are inexpensive and trendy but you do get what you pay for, so not very well made and definately not comfortable!! I've ordered some shoes, not from this website but the same brands and I may wear them every once in a while for a certain look but they don't stay on my feet long or I'll get blisters.
  3. I agree, no catch - you get what you pay for.
    If you want possibly uncomfortable shoes for one season at a reasonable price it's great! But if you LOVE the style, I'd shell out more $ for better structure/support and be able to wear them for years.
    I learned :sad:
    I bought Steve Madden Buck boots which look just like Fiorentini's Eternity boots. I got them for a great price and have worn them a lot for 2.5 months and the front of one boot's sole is separating already :rolleyes: