What's the "birth date" of the Montsouris?

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  2. I am not exactly sure, but mine was made in Nov. '95. So, we know they already made them in 1995.:yes:
  3. I think late 80's Early 90's
  4. I looked through catalogs from 1995--one has it, one doesn't! The price list of May 1995 does list it, though. For $565. Those were the days!
  5. I *think* it was 1995, but I'm just not sure. I suppose I could call 1-866-VUITTON and ask. Hmm. Not a bad idea....
  6. I got mine sometime in the early 90's. Not sure when they actually came out though.
  7. Oh, for a detailed LV history reference!

    Hey, that'd be a good project for term break....
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