what's the big deal with tiffany and co. ???????

  1. Hey ladies,my name is Brian. i'm trying to figure out what is so great and unique about tiffany jewelry.i'm not a big jewelry guy myself,so it would be nice if you fashion girls could drop some education on me. I am in Nassau,Bahamas working at the present time.i'm an american,and i met a really great girl from england.she is such a sweety,and i told her i wanted to take her out for valentine's day.the thing is,i have only known here for about 2 months,and i was wandering if it was inapropriate to get her some jewelry from v-day. she told me that she just loves tiffany stuff,and she get's on there website all the time to day dream about tiffany jewelry.she is a sentimental girl,who keeps everything anybody gives her. so being the cool guy i am,i went to the only place in nassau that sells tiffany stuff,and i bought here,i think it was a 16 inch necklace that was sterling silver with a heart on it. i think the girl said it was from the 1837 collection,whatever that means.anyway it was 250.00....and on top of that i got her a cool silver ring that says tiffany on it for 150.00... no diamonds,and it doesnt look like an " i love you baby doll,will you marry me " type of ring. i know she will love these b/c she has never owned anything from tiffany. i just want to know from you girls,or women,if you think that was a good idea to get this girl some tiffany stuff,and on top of that,why is tiffany stuff supposed to be the best jewelry you can buy or whatever.help me out girls,please...do i need to return this stuff or just suck it up and give it to her??
  2. it's just a really reputable American Company.

    They've been around FOREVER and hav e a ver strong loyal customer base.
  3. ANYTHING that comes in a little blue box from Tiffany's will be VERY well appreciated!! ;)
  4. They have a great reputation, great service and you paying very much for the name and resellable value of a signed piece of Jewelry.
  5. after reading a few posts,and doing some research, i see where tiffany has been around for like 150 years years,didnt know that. also didnt know that the superbowl trophy was designed by tiffany,and the nascar nextel cup was also designed by tiffany. i guess they get some cool points in my book for those 2 things.but really, other than the name what is the difference between tiffany and stuff you buy at wal-mart? and one poster said earlier that tiffany jewelry actualy increases in value the longer you have it? if that's true,then should i not get something engraved on the heat thingy i got on that necklace? that would depreciate it right?
  6. The sight of a little blue box and bag excites me! If your friend loves tiffany im sure she will like it. The agree with the above stated that your paying for the repuation, customer service, the name, it as a status symbol and the retaining value. Something you buy for say... $50 at walmart, the second you walk out the door the resale value of that piece becomes roughly $5. But walk of out Tiffanys, the resale value is still there. Sell it 5 years later, you'll probably get your original money plus more back at the rate they are increasing their prices.

    Engraving will depreciate its resale value... but thats only if she will ever sell it. If not, engaving is a very nice personalizing touch. You can always get it buffed out.
  7. A blue box just makes a girl happy! My husband learned that when we were dating and has never looked back! His theory was why mess with a winning option? And I have been very happy indeed! I'm sure she'll LOVE it! So, yeah...you are buying a name a very good name but, with excellent quality to back it up.
  8. I wouldn't have anything engraved, not unless you think you guys may be together for a very long time.

    The difference also, bewteen Wal-Mart and Tiffany's is the artisans - how the pieces are made and in what conditions the artisans/workers are working in.
  9. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but buying Tiffany's jewelry for a woman you've known for only 2 months? Wow!!!

    For most women, Tiffanys is a brand name that is taught to them early on. And from a brand name standpoint, it is the equivalent of a Mercedes or BMW. Heralded as one of the top, if not the top name in jewelry.

    I will tell you...I spoiled my gf early on. I gave her a Coach purse. Next came a Louis Vuitton purse w/ matching wallet. Then came another Louis Vuitton purse. Now...she can never go back to a Coach purse. hahahahahahahhahahaahahhaahahhaa. Yeah...I'll admit it. I raised the bar REALLY high for myself early on. She knows it. I know it. It's funny nonetheless.
  10. Graff & Harry Winston are a couple of the top names in jewelry. Tiffany markets to the masses, these two don't.
  11. yes domlee,i have only known the girl,well for about 3 months now. coolest girl i ever met.i'm not in love with her,and she isn't in love with me.we are just cool. she told me that's what she likes,not knowing i would even buy it for her.but hey man,THAT'S HOW I ROLL HERO!!!!!!!
  12. Ha, I bought my now fiance a pair of Tiffany cufflinks after we were dating a couple of months - I think it was well worth the investment...
  13. I would agree you should buy her something from T&CO, especially because you like her and she is a cool girl. But I will have to agree with domlee ... after 3 months, at least to me, if I were her I would feel the gifts would be a bit too much. Maybe just the ring, and not the necklace with the heart? You can always get her the necklace later ...

    Good luck, you sound like a cool guy, and someone who cares enough to do all this. She is one lucky girl and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful love affair. ;)
  14. well guys and girls,thanks for all the replies. i don't know man,i'm in nassau,bahamas.......in paradise,for the last 8 months with not a care in the world. i know it's such a cliche,but you only live once.who know's,if i pass up the opportunity i may wander the rest of my life.all i want from this girl,is when she is 70 years old,to be able to think back 40 years,and remember who gave her the first tiffany jewelry she ever owned,and every time she looks in the mirror and see's her jewelry,she will smile a little bit and think of the bahamas,and me...and all the good times we had.i guess i'm a sentimental guy too.oh,and by the way i have heard jewelry and stuff like that is cheaper in the bahamas than in the states or in europe.is this true?.there are no taxes at all here,so am i getting a good deal,or just getting the no tax benefit? like i said i got the 1837 thing,the 16 inch silver necklace,with the heart on it for 250.00 out the door,and the 1837 ring for 140.00 out the door. is that a big difference than what you would pay in the states?
  15. That's so sweet of you!
    I'm sure she will be very suprised :biggrin: