What's The Better Lv For Travel????

  1. here's my dilemma ladies:

    Im going to Australia next week then Northern Europe and Spain after I return. I want to bring a bag that would be great for travel like the Grande Modèle Sac Week-End Tote. However, if i bring this, I don't think I'll be lugging it around the city while im studying. So do you think it's better if I just bring the Speedy 30?

    Here are the pictures:
    1.) Grande Modèle Sac Week-End Tote (vintage LV that was discontinued back in 1995)


    2.)Speedy 30 - which all of you know of BUT i posted a picture nonetheless
    bag hag 006.jpg

    oh, one more thing is that i just got my speedy recently (thus the light vachetta). im working on an even patina so will it be wise to bring it??

    but then ill be able to use it more as compare to the big, big travel bag??

    AACK!!! do you now see why i need your expert advice?? im so confused!!:cry:
  2. ooh....and..i forgot to add...that was my 100th post! yay!!!
  3. Grande Modele- you hang use it as a shoulder bag to keep your hands free
  4. I'd bring the Speedy. It seems more practical to me. Btw, congrats on your 100th post!
  5. Grande modèle... keep your hands free whenever you are shopping ;) and has loads of room for a sweater, books, maps, etc etc :biggrin: I have a Fendi (also vintage) in a similar shape / size and it's great for travelling
  6. grande modele!
  7. grande modele...more functional for such a big trip. Congrats!!!!
  8. Grande Modèle Sac Week-End Tote!
  9. I always carry my Speedy 30 with a strap on vacation. It holds a ton, but yet it's not too big to use out to dinner or whatever when I reach my destination. The other option is to bring the larger LV and also a pochette to use for lighter days.
  10. how does one "work on an even patina"? just wondering- since i have a new LV too and was concerned it would have patina only where i hold the strap...
  11. Grande Modele
  12. I have a Speedy 35 and 40 so I'm biased. Go Speedy!
  13. Grand Modele
  14. I vote for speedy... you don't want to have to carry around a huge bag all the time ;)
  15. Bring the Speedy :biggrin: