What's the best YSL bag created?

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  1. I know it's unlikely that everyone's gonna say the same thing, but I'm interested to hear all your opinions regardless! So, what's the best YSL bag? Sizes and colours welcomed as well!
  2. Black medium muse is the best of YSL.
  3. Muse.I am having a hard time pinpointing the best color. I think the only color I don't like is the hot pink.The rest are TDF.
  4. I Love YSL bags! Muse, Rive Gauche, down town...but the No.1 is still Muse! Chocolate brown! And second Ivory muse! Very nice shiny leather, roomy, GREAT BAG!
  5. Muse (in Chocolate or Ivory) & Mombasa
  6. I love my bow bag (even though my muse is more practical)
  7. :heart:THE MUSE!!!!:yahoo::wlae:
  8. so what was the best BEFORE the muse? heh heh heh :biggrin:
  9. All time best: Oversize Chocolate Muse (it's the quintessential one!)

    Pre-Muse best: Mombasa, of course!
  10. My favorite is my mombasa....I still receive lots of compliments; it is a statement handbag.

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  11. I dont know what the bag is called. But it has like a fringe type thing. I dont know how to explain it lol. But its from the Tom Ford era, and whenever I bring it out people compliment me on it.
  12. ^i think i know which you mean - i saw one on ebay the other day. personally i think the muse and mombasa are classic but i really love some lesser-known tom ford pieces - which i don't really know the name of... i was hoping someone would mention them here! :smile:
  13. I think you are talking about this bag....yes it is great.

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  14. ^^ I didnt mean that bag lol. But it is a nice bag none the less. Maybe I should be more clearer. The fringe is horizontal not vertical, and the stripes are wider not as thin as in that picture :smile:

    When I get back from uni tonight i'll try to take a picture to show you all.
  15. muse large in chocolate for subtle YSL and mombasa bag as a YSL statement bag