What's the best winter bags?

  1. Since someone started "What's the best summer bag?" thread, I think I should represent ladies in the southern hemisphere. It's autumn at the moment and we better prepare oursleves for winter. So ladies (& gentlemen), your contribution here is very important.

    At the moment, I basically live in my Damier Speedy 25. Don't really feel like changing bags.:smile:
  2. Even though it is still 29 degrees here ...when Winter finally arrives (and PLEASE let there be LOTS & LOTS of RAIN:yahoo: ) ... I will be using my le tal in plum:heart:
  3. I use my blue epi speedy 25 the most in the winter
  4. Lovely choice, shalomjude. I'm already drooling over the colour!

    It was almost winter in Perth two days ago. The temperature suddenly dropped to around 20! But it's going around high 20s to 30 this weekend. Crazy!

    Yea. Hope it will rain heaps more. We need the water or we'll DIE!:yes:
  5. Damier and Epi are the choice for winter no vachetta.
  6. Epi bags cause they can withstand the rain :biggrin:
    Off topic, it's so cold in Melb right now..
  7. Epi and Damier
  8. imo the damier speedy is a year-round bag, so it would be perfect for winter too :yes:

    off-topic: getting cold in sydney as well, brrr..
  9. I know, its crazy, isn't it:push: ?! Last weekend the temperature was around 30, and today it dropped to only 20.....

    For winter, I'd go for the damier (although I don't have any damier bags..except azur:sweatdrop: )
  10. Well, Melbourne is known for 4 seasons in a day.

    I'll go for Damier and Epi as well. Black Suhali if I were to get one soon.
  11. damier and epi are my votes too
  12. the Damier line would be the best winter bag, because it doesn't have vachetta. but then i use ALL my bags ALL year round. they've been caught in the rain and snow, but still emerged unscathed, because i Shining Monkey the hell out of them
  13. Epi gets my vote! : )
  14. Danier, epi and suhali
  15. Anything Damier! Or Black epi would look cute!