What's the best way....

  1. to get a smoky eye look? I'm a little slow when it comes to make-up application. Can someone help me with a step by step process? Thanks....
  2. i apply black MAC eyeshadow gradually, i dont put loads on at once because its hard to get off! i make it darkest in the outer corners of my eye, and smudge it across.
    For eyeliner, I use a normal kohl black eyeliner, on both upper and lower lids, but before applying I put the hairdryer on it for a couple of seconds, it makes it soft and easier to smudge for the smoky eye look!
  3. My routine for smoky eyes:

    1. Apply MAC Fluidline (in Blacktrack) with a 269 angle brush (also MAC) above lashline on upper lid. Apply thicker to outter edge of eye
    2. Apply barbie loves MAC eye shadow (in Moth Brown) from lashline to crease with a 275 medium shading brush
    3. on outter corners of lids apply Dark soul pigment for some shine :smile:
    4. Apply fake lashes, or apply lengthening mascara (I use MAC Pro Long Lash mascara)
    5. Line bottom of eye with a liner such as Technakohl Liner (also from MAC). It works great and it lasts forever.
  4. 1.apply a dark colored (whichever suits your coloring best) Khol Eyelinerpencil (Chanel Le Crayon Khol works well) on the inner rims of your eyes and blink heavily to distribute the liner.
    2. Apply a dark colored eyeshadow (again whichever color you want) on your upper lid and blend well. smudge the khol pencil on your lower lid (not touching the inner rims though) and put the e/s over it
    3. apply lots of black mascara on your lashes (if you need to curl them before the mascara)

    if you have more time on hands apply a light shimmery color to your browbone (under the brows) to highlight that area and sort out your brows if you need to