Whats The Best Way To Split The Check In A Group ?

  1. Whats the best way to split the check in a group at a restaurant ?

    Do you look at who ordered desert, or who did not, who had alcohol ?

    Or do you just split it down the middle regardless of who ordered what ?
  2. Except for one group of friends, we pay for what we order plus tip (or I treat the group provided it's not $100 or so and I do in once in a while). That one group, they split it down the middle (which I don't like really but I live with it). I don't like it cause my BF would be paying $40 for 2 glasses of beer and 3 wings. I wouldn't mind it if it was once or twice but it works like that every single week. Grrr. I just don't order when I'm with them so they can't take me into consideration and BF would have to pay for 2.
  3. Down the middle .... the only exception is if there are heavy drinkers at the table and people not drinking at all ..... then the bar tab needs to be picked up by the drinkers.
  4. Be very good at mental math - all my friends and I always pay for what we ordered plus tip.

    Or if you're like some of my other friends, just rotate who picks up the tab - this will eventually even itself out !
  5. When we go out with couples, we always split in the middle. But I always offer to pay more if i get something really expensive. But with my girlfriends, we pay for what we order most of the time.
  6. Well when we go out as couples we slit it right in the middle, sometimes my husband picks up the whole bill and sometimes his freind wil pick up the whole bill.

    When my girlfreinds and I go out we always know what we order and we never ask who has what if there is 5 of us and the bills a hundred we'll all put 25 down and that would cover the tip, no matter who bought what. Sometimes someone will pick up the whole bill and the next time we meet someone else does this too. It works just fine.
  7. I just split it evenly. If you paid more and had no cheesecake, well next time be sure to order dessert. LOL. If not, its no biggie.
  8. we always split the check, sans tip, evenly among our group. Our part of the tip is appropriate for whatever we ordered (if our meals/drinks, etc. came to $140, we would tip for that amount). Our friends will follow suit.
  9. It depends how much people have eaten.. If everybody has had the amount of food (i.e one drink, meal and dessert) we split it in the middle, but it we eat uneven amount (i.e somebody has everything, the others only have one thing), we try to calculate how much each person should pay.
  10. Most of my friends feel its kind of fussy to pay for exactly what we ordered so we always spit it equally no matter what we individually order. However, there are a few friends who take advantage of this: and they're rarely invited out!
  11. If we don't request separate checks in the beginning then it's split even. Sometimes we go into it knowing we're treating (we let them know up front) or vice versa.
  12. Down the middle!
  13. We always split down the middle. If there is large quanities of wine/alcohol consumed by just a few of the participants, we split the food down the middle and the drinks are handled separately.
  14. Always split down the middle. If there were a lot of drinks from one couple and none from the other then drinks would be separate but it is usually never like this and we always split down the middle.
  15. Just depends on the friends!!