What's the best way to sell totally PM to buy totally MM


May 9, 2011
Live in SLC; work in SJC
I Love my totally PM, but need more space. I need to get an azure totally MM. Preferably preloved. Is it best to buy one first then sell mine or sell mine and then but the preloved? My bag is in excellent condition and I want the same in my new MM. Suggestions please!!
****moderators: I am not trying to buy or sell on TPF. just looking for advice. Thx!!


LVoe Affair 1010
May 5, 2009
From personal experience, selling it on your own usually get you more $. With that said, it comes along with the stress of taking pics, writing detail description, shipping and then in hope that you get a honest buyer. The other option is to shop around for quote from consignment shop, I usually get a fair price with yoogiscloset. To answer your other Q, maybe sell first and see how much $ comes to play for the MM. Good luck!