What's the best way to protect your toki?

  1. I haven't quite decided which Toki's I'm going to keep (go to HERE if you wanna help me out) but I notice that the l'amore print is really light and a friend of mine pointed out that it would easily get dirty so I'm wondering what is the BEST way to keep the bags clean AKA is there a special treatment or anything??
  2. I think this subject is still up in the air... Some of the girls have used the Kiwi Protect All spray before using their bags, some of us (including me) has sprayed our bags with Scotch Guard, some just use soap and warm water, some of us (including me) carry a Tide pen for on-the-spot treatments, and one girl uses the Sof Sole gel to clean her bags. Even with all of these, I think one thing is for certain... It doesn't seem that anything gets the bags 100% clean.

    All of my bags, tokidoki and Coach, are always in excellent condition because I'm always conscious of what I do with them... So I think spraying with the Scotch Guard is just a preventative measure for me, and carrying around the Tide pen is just extra-cautionary. Otherwise, the only thing that seems to get my bag "dirty" is my clothing rubbing up against the back of my bags and leaving a gray patch that can't be removed.
  3. I'm pretty cautious with my bags...Louis or Dior always manage to sit on my lap when I go out and I always moisturize my COACH bags because it gets rid of the dirt and helps with the wear (use the COACH moisturizer by itself or the cleaner AND the moisturizer, never just the cleaner because it dries out the leather...I used to work for COACH, can you tell??)

    But anyways, the material of the TOKI bags are different from the rest and I'm sure they can get dirty easily so thanks for the tips and I'll keep everything in mind. I was going to buy a Tide pen anyways since I always seem to be dropping food on my shirt and stuff =(
  4. My brother used to work for Coach too! Unfortunately I didn't care for any of the bags while he was working there, but my best friend got a handbag and wallet with the great discount!

    And yeah, the rip-stop nylon is tricky... Water rolls right off of it, but stains seem to stick quick!
  5. Just wondering, which type of Scotchgard would be best? I just looked it up and they have different kinds. Does it matter if it's heavy duty, mildew, or just regular protect?
  6. You know what...I didn't really use anything to protect my bags and they still look new lol...I guess I'm an after-protector haha. I used the tide pen to clean out a little dirt and it worked perfectly. Idk, I guess it depends on how hard you work your bags.
  7. sorry to bump up a semi-old thread

    i looked up the line of Scotchgard products too, and there are tons of different kinds of Scotchgard products

    which ones do you guys use? does it matter if you use Scotchgard for apparel, or would Scotchgard for carpets and furniture work just as well?
  8. The biggest "dirt issues" I have with my bags is not the bags themselves but the handles on the bags that are other than black or dark brown. The handle on my arancia bag is absolutely filthy and I've not found any way to get it clean!
  9. i ended up buying the scotchgard for fabrics, taped up the leather parts, and sprayed all three of my bags.

    i gotta say though ladies...doing 3 at once was not a good idea because the smell of scotchgard made me really sick and light-headed so be careful of that. but now that they're all dried, i'm happy!

    also the tide pen is a miracle worker, i use that for EVERYTHING because i'm such a clutz around food. thanks for the tips everyone!