What's the best way to protect myself??

  1. I am selling a pair of my Coach shoes on eBay, and a 0 feedback bidder has so far met the reserve of the shoes. I am usually not too worrieda bout 0 feedback bidders since we all had to start out from somewhere, but with all of the scamming that has been going on on eBay lately it makes me kind of worried.

    What would be the best way to protect myself from being scammed by this person and possibly receiving a chargeback? The shoes are authentic, there's no doubt about it. I am just worried that she'll say that she never got the package or something (if she wins) since the electronic shipping thing doesn't seem to work very well with paypal. I sent an agenda to a girl and she received it 2 days after I sent...but it STILL says on the website that the USPS has been 'notified' that it is being shipped.

    Anyway. Would it be my best bet to also include signature confirmation? IDK. I am just being paranoid!
  2. I would go with the signature confirmation on any high dollar item. Delivery confirmation isn't really proof they received it, only that it was delivered.

    I think it only costs $1.35 or so, and if you get it online, you can see when it was delivered & who signed for it, and have USPS send you a copy of the signature. Just a little peace of mind, since you're dealing with an unknown. Good luck with your auction!
  3. I always state in my auctions that I go for the safest option, although pricey. I used to pay for it myself but it adds up - and it is best to be safe than sorry. so go for signature confirmation.
  4. I always send via UPS or Fedex because you can track the whole way and get sig confirm at the end. USPS tracking is horrible.
  5. I agree if you go with USPS pay the extra to have the signature confirmation. Good luck with your auction!
  6. I also ALWAYS add signature confirmation and have the tracking details emailed to me.

    So far so good!
  7. Thanks so much everybody!!

    So far the shoes are over the BIN price (will I have the BIN charge refunded?), and they still have 2 days left...We'll have to see how it goes :smile: