Whats The Best Way To Hush A Person In The Movie Theater ?

  1. Whats the best way to *hush * a person in the movie theater ?

    Would you huff and tut out loud ?

    Get an usher ?

    Say something ?

    or throw popcorn ?

    What would you do ?
  2. just not too loudly say "*SHHHHH!*" if they dont stop get an usher.
  3. First, I'd ask very nicely if they could keep it down. If they ignore me or make a smart remark then I'd tell them in a loud and firm tone to be quiet. If that doesn't work then anything goes ................
  4. Well, interesting story that was in my school paper last year. There was 2 guys who went to the local movie theatre one evening to watch a movie. There was a group of guys in the back who were being loud(maybe on a cell phone I don't remember). So one of the 2 guys asks the other guys to be quiet...well I guess you can think of some things that happened after that. They left the movie theatre, got in a fight and one of the guys got stabbed in the leg.

    So I don't say anything in the movie theatre. I usually talk about it after I leave. Besides I generally go to movie theatres and movies where people are talking to the screen. People are 'ohing' and 'ahing' at every bend.
  5. Sadly, if there is another seat available I just get up and move!
    Usually people like this aren't very willing to listen to a 5'3" women and I avoid confrontation like the plague.
    My husband would probably ask them nicely to keep it down.
  6. I'm like Seinfeld. I do the half turn, then the full turn, then the full turn with the eye-roll, then the SHH, then the "Can you please stop talking?", then the "I didn't pay 9 bucks to hear you talk."
  7. ditto. otherwise a milk dud to the back of the head usually does the trick.
  8. LMAO!:lol:
  9. actually m&M's make for great target practice as well....
  10. really? I find the aerodynamic shape of the "dud" lends itself to the maximum velocity needed to reach its intended target. although there something to be said of the frisbee like quality you get with an M&M when you put a little english on it....
  11. LMAO-well .....the lightness and aerodynamicness of the M&M is quite steady as well as the fact that the average human hand can throw MANY of them in a single swift movement.
  12. ah yes, thus increasing the likelihood of hitting said target. excellent point.
  13. Prior M & M Experience required.....
    Takes a bit to get the target confirmed with the various colors to choose from.
  14. ^^do you match m&m colors to their outfit color?
  15. for stealthness, I prefer brown.