What's the best way to handle this dispute?

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  1. Ladies, I need some help with a bag I purchased on Ebay. Two weeks ago I ordered a black Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Hillier--I paid a total premium since the bag is IMPOSSIBLE to find anymore (Link to the auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330397980091&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT) What I received was a Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier, which, although similar is a different bag (different hardware, leather quality, etc.). The Classic Q Hillier is still available from most stores online; in fact, I had purchased one from Bloomies that I returned because I decided the quality of the original Dr. Q was worth the premium. The listing called the bag a Dr. Q, and the pictures in the listing are of a Dr. Q.

    Of course I'm going to attempt to handle this amicably with the seller but if they aren't willing to cooperate, how should I proceed?
  2. Hi burberryaholic,
    Sorry to hear this but I would personally contact the seller, explain to him/her the situation and ask kindly if they want to resolve it and hopefully they agree. If they don't want to resolve the issue, you can start a dispute on paypal and maybe escalate it to a claim if necessary. I wish you all the best of luck and keep up updated!
  3. SNAD dispute w/ ebay or PP. http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html

    If seller in uncooperative, file a dispute. Be very specific as to why the bag received is not the bag sold in the listing. If the photos of the bag listed are NOT the same bag received, then I advise that you take photos of bag received, load to a photobucket album, and include a link to the album in the dispute and point out that the photos in the listing are NOT of the bag received (shown in link).

    If the seller advertised one bag, yet sent you another, as long as you provide sufficient proof of same, you should win your claim IMO.
  4. ^agree here.. try to resolve this as amicably as you possible can...

    keep us posted..
  5. Looks like the seller has been selling a bunch of "Dr. Q" using the same photos. I guess the seller seems to know what he is doing. Hope he will cooperate and issue full refund to you. Good Luck!
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  7. Well, that's a good question! I'm not familiar enough to know since I only had that bag from Bloomingdales for 5 minutes before it was re-packed and headed back. I'll post the photobucket album in the Marc Jacobs authenticate this forum before I proceed.
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    Would be worthy of knowing IMO..... your bag appears to have sold SEVERAL times... http://www.goofbay.com/ebay_seller_history_tool.html?gsl_username=wildsavings&gsl_days=90&gsl_include=sold&gsl_show_buyers=on&gsl_submit=&gsl_submit.x=0&gsl_submit.y=0, as has everything else sold....same stuff over and over again.
  9. They're not hiding. The seller has 2717 total feedbacks and these are the total negs/neuts which represent less than 1%. Toolhaus gives you a quick way to find them without sifting through all the feedbacks.

    Let us know how the seller responds. Hopefully this can be resolved amicably.
  10. First response: Hi! This is exactly what I listed, Dr Q Hillier hobo small size with gold hardware. I sent you correct bag. Please check the description.

    I'll give them one more shot, then I'm filing the dispute
  11. Maybe try explaining to them the difference? Some people are a bit :wacko: especially when they're one of those people who don't like being wronged.
  12. As a novice.. and I know NOTHING about MJ... your photos look similar to the bag pic'd in the auction to me.
    So, is the verbal description in the title or description what was misleading? Or are these 2 styles very similar..?
  13. OK... NVM this question... looks like the AT girls addressed it. Hardware is the difference?
  14. Very similar but hardware look different to me... Dr Q lines (I kinda like the name, even I don't have any MJ Bag) only have those connectors with square rings?