what's the best way to get hubbies to buy jewelry?

  1. i have fallen hopelessly in love...with a ring. it's on HUGE sale (marked down from 1600 to just over six hundred :nuts:) and it looks so pretty on my hand! AND it sits flush with my wedding band. it's emerald cut pink sapphire with diamond halo and pave band...:love:

    it is my birthday in tomorrow, but i already got all my presents. what has been your best tactic for getting your SO to cough up for jewelry? it seems my hubby (who is more JHH than PHH) is allergic to bling. :rolleyes:

    help! i am seriously ridiculously in love. more so than i've ever been with any material possession. ever. :girlsigh:it's so bad it even crossed my mind that if i sold speedy (:wtf:) i could buy it without hubby exactly how much i spent. if you knew how long i wanted speedy, that'd make you go :wtf: too...

    see it's pretty! even in crappy camera phone pictures!
    ring1.jpeg ring2.jpeg
  2. Oh, it is beautiful and I must admit that I prefer Jewels over bags anyday. I think you should have great sex and then beg. Remember to have sex in the morning on your b-day...he CAN'T say no. If you feel too manipulative:devil: and guilty:angel: ,(forget that I posted this,...halfbitch in the house)
  3. I'll jotting down your advice. Thxs. :heart:
  4. Frankly, I just pick it out and tell him "I want that for (fill in here next major holiday, birthday, etc.)".

    He'd much rather agree than actually (god forbid) have to go shopping and choose something on his own. ;)
  5. My DH just tells me to ask. When we go shopping I'll point something out and he'll eventually buy it for me b/c "he loves seeing the look on my face when I get so happy about getting a present" - his words!!

    IF NOT... sex is always a good backup plan
  6. I agree with Fryedaze, just tell him that you want it and he can give it to you for the next major event in your life. Less work for him!
  7. thanks ladies!

    believe me, i did ask. begged even. there might have been a tear or two. :wlae: he said jewelry is too big for birthdays, more of a christmas present. and even if i did want it, i'd have to want it for more than an afternoon before he'd buy it...even on sale. *sigh* oh well...there's still christmas! heck, if i start getting jewelry, i might learn to hate christmas less! :yes:

    thanks again!
  8. That is one of the prettiest rings I have ever seen! Maybe you could like try to make a deal-- everytime he watches an hour of tv, you get 50 $ toward your ring-- that's probably a stupid idea, but I guess its better then nothing.. Or maybe say it's an extremely early holiday present...I hope you can get it, because its gorgeous! Also,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:party: :rochard:
  9. If he doesn't buy it for you, you should buy it yourself! :graucho: Then once you've bought it you can either:

    1)Save it until Christmas


    2) Bring it out in a couple of months and claim its an old piece that you've had for ages and say "do you not pay attention to what I wear?". Works for my Mum everytime!
  10. I usually just buy what I want for myself, sometimes I'll have it be a gift item for an "occasion" and let him pay me back for it. My DH is severely gifting challenged. He appreciates that I don't play games with him and just tell him straight out what I want.

    By the way: doing the "sex for gifts" angle is a form of prostituting yourselves, even if it is your husband, so I hope you guys are joking! :wtf:

  11. Put it on layaway. Most places will still do that. You can get it when you have the money or when DH changes his mind.
  12. I've been lucky to have boyfriends who have been willing to cough up for jewelry... plus, when we break up I get cash from ebay-ing the gems! That's evil, I know, shame on me...

    I like star's advice! Sugar him up. Knowing me, I would start getting obnoxious... I might throw myself kicking and screaming on the floor!
  13. I definitely put out more when I want something BIG. Call it what you want, but it works for us and I have lots and lots of shiny, pretty things to prove it...and a happy hubby, too!:yes: :yahoo: :wlae:

    Having said that, I think since you love it that much and since it's not very expensive, you should just buy it and call it your present to yourself!!
  14. ^Well, I think that is a bunch of carp! Your birthday is the only day that is all about you. Girls like jewelry and if your husband won't buy it for you, then who will?
    If you really like it, then by all means save up and buy it for yourself. I think it looks beautiful on your finger!
  15. Wierd, my bf always buys jewerly for birthday and Christmas - more expensive piece for my birthday.

    Do you have your own money that you can dip into? If a guy said not to jewelry for me, I'd pretty much buy it myself then.