What's the best way to darken unwanted contrasting topstitching?

  1. I received a bag for my birthday. It is a nice enough looking bag, light beige fabric body, the trim and straps are brown, leather or unleather, I don't really care and haven't really looked that closely. The brand name is "Sak."

    Both straps and leather trim have light beige topstitching. I am not fond of contrasting topstitching. Not on bags, not on anything. I just don't like it.

    I think I would like the bag a lot more if I could just cause that stitching to become brown!

    Anyone have any ideas on the best way to do this? Magic marker? acrylic paint? nail polish? eyeliner?

    Or any ideas on how to overcome an aversion to topstitching and find in it some quirky aesthetic, learn to like it?
  2. Do you know if the top stitching thread is nylon or cotton? If there is a fabric or craft store near you (Like Joanne or Michael's) maybe they can suggest something. Perhaps you can try RIT dye, and paint it on with a very small brush. If you don't want to darken it too much, steep some strong black tea, and try that. Experiment on some regular thread or twine first.
  3. ^That's a very good idea. Craft stores should also have fabric dye pens, the kinds you'd use to draw on t-shirts and such. That might be easier to apply.
  4. Try liquid brown shoe polish put on with a thin brush.
  5. i tried making white contrast stitching on a coach purse black with RIT dye and it barely worked. I tired black sharpie on other unaffected areas of stitiching as well, and that didn't make it totally black, plus it got all shiny and weird. So i just wanted to tell you that neither of those darkened my white stitching to black, but it may work with brown :smile:
  6. Thanks pursefetish, but although a week ago I would never have believed it possible, but I have decided that it is not as awful, after looking at it for a while, as I thought, and while I don't think I am going to become a topstitiching fan any time soon, like ever, on this particular bag for some reason, it sort of, um, works. :shrugs: