What's the best way to clean 18kt or 22kt yellow gold?

  1. I got a 22kt gold bangle from my mother's jewelry box and it's so beautiful. But it seems a little dingy...any ideas on how I can bring back the shine? I took it to a jewerly and they didn't help too much....:shrugs:
  2. Several ways...

    A jewelers rouge and a dremel rotary tool
    a "Connoisseurs" polishing cloth - Walmart sells both...
  3. neverdull. you can get it at walmart in the automotive section. it is a treated wadding. very easy to use. no more than around 5 bucks.
  4. Thanks guys! I'm going to get the never dull and find that polishing cloth (although there aren't any Wal-Marts in NYC).
  5. any good automotive supply store should have neverdull. those haggerty polishing cloths work well also. i'm sure any store that has silver could tell you where to get those. don't let the silver comment scare you it also works on gold. good luck.
  6. I didnt know that gold can turn dull. I usually just rinse with warm soap water
  7. the jewelry is old. i think the term she used was dingy. i assume she means what i call tarnish. the never dull just cleans and polishes. there is also a product called semi chrome. it is used by a lot of people for cleaning old jewelry. i haven't used it but have heard it highly recommended. i use an ultrasonic cleaner and really like it.
  8. Those polishing cloths work really well. I used one on my ringht hand ring, which is my grandmother's wedding band, and it brought so much shine back!
  9. The gold is dull/dingy/tarnished, whatever you want to call it. It's a 22kt gold bangle that belongs to my mother. It's over 30 years old.

    Does the Semi Chrome do the same thing as the nevr dull?
  10. Usually it's just environmental factors (soaps/oils) that dull it over time.
  11. i have not used it (the semi chrome) myself but believe that it is supposed to.