What's the best wallet you ever had and why?

  1. I've had some bad luck with wallets lately. I 'd like one that can fit alot of cards , bills and coins. Any suggestions and any brands. I just want it look good and hold up .:confused1:
  2. I just received the LV suhali black zippy wallet from ElUX and its gorgeous!
    it holds 14 cards, a zippered change pocket, an exterior zippered pocket, and two large sections for bills-LOVEEEEE IT!:heart:
  3. My coach hamptons signature checkbook wallet...I've had it for what seems like forever and it still looks good.
  4. I had a pink Gucci wich I totally loved. Very roomy! And I need lots of room, especialy for coins and reciepts.
  5. My best wallet is an LV wallet. The one I have isn't very big, but LV makes larger wallets. The quality is top-notch. My wallet looks as new as the day I got it.
  6. I have a Paul Smith French wallet. It's one of those big long wallet. It fits in a lot card, coins, and even few small pieces of papers. It's in one of those Paul Smith signature colorful stripe. I love it so much.
  7. If you don't want to spend a huge amount Tusk wallets are lovely, my last two were from there. My first one was in a tan colored leather with a red stitched motif, red leather inside, it fit my checkbook and six cards which wasn't enough space for me. Then I saw they had a larger dark brown pebbled one again with red leather interior, this has around 16 card spaces in as well as two or three places for bills and notes etc.
    I got one from Bloomingdales and one from Nordstrom. They also do matching coin purses and key wallets in stores, and lots of other goodies online. I also have about 5 Furla wallets which I loved, but they were all either too big or too small!
  8. Love these ideas and I will be checking them out. Any other ideas are very welcome.
  9. I :heart: my Prada Saffiano leather zip-around wallet. It's so sturdy and roomy
  10. Seems like wallet threads have been popping up everywhere. Here is my Gucci Continental wallet (in my fav color) I LOVE IT and it has really held up nicely!!!

  11. Wow your gucci is lovely.
  12. I LOVE my LV Koala wallet. I has lots of credit card slots and an ID window


  13. Yeah I tend to be a bit of a "wallet stuffer" but this wallet has been able to hold up. I try to be better with my more expensive wallets and let the real abuse happen to my other wallets!!
  14. I really really love my zip around Isabella Fiore. She's so unusual - black with these fab leather flowers...but what I like is that I CAN'T stuff a million things into it! It keeps me from going crazy. Enough for cards, coins, and everything else needs to be folded. Sounds nuts, I know, but I had one of those long checkbook ones and it go so stuffed all the time, I ended up never using the snap closure (it was a vintage LV) and it eventually stopped snapping anyway! :crybaby: