What's the best UK product to protect vachetta?

  1. Hi

    Have read all of the posts on protecting Vachetta and have decided I want to coat my handles and trim on my new Batignolles Horizontal.

    Problem is Apple Garde & Shining Monkey are not on sale in the UK (unless I pay a fortune to ship from the US) and I can't locate Kiwi 'Protect All', although other Kiwi products such as shoe polish is available:rolleyes:

    Any UK forum members know of any other tried and tested product I can buy to treat my beloved new bag?

    Also, when spraying, is it ok to get spray onto the hardware, canvas and lining, or should I mask everything that isn't to be coated:confused1:

    Thanks for any advice

  2. oo i would love to know aswell :yes:
  3. wilson spray or apple guard
  4. Im using Clarks Leather Protector (Spray).

    Effectively protects all colours of leather, suede, nubuck and canvas. Resist water penetration and guards against strain.

    You can get it at any Clarks Shoe Stores UK-wide.
  5. Hi! I have the same problem coz we don't have apple guard out here but I just bought a leather protector from Cole-haan with the same product description as you gave above. What's the product made of or it's active ingredient? The one which I got from Cole haan doesnt say what the contents are- just that it is silicone-free and contains isopropyl alcohol. and may be used for leather, suede, nubuck and microfiber.
  6. mvc: Great to know!
    I was having the same trouble as you, yay at least I know now! And welcome to tPF!
  7. same here!!!!! it would be great to know!
  8. scotch guard has worked well for me. a cobbler can do it for you if your unsure but its dead easy.
  9. I think someone were mentioning olive oil for instant patina also, was that someone's mother? I can't remember. Extra virgin olive oil should be available worldwide though.
  10. Thanks. I now know what I can get in the UK:smile:

    What about applying it? Do you need to mask the hardware,canvas &lining or it it ok to spray and wipe over the non leather parts?

  11. if you are going to use scotch guard just spray the entire thing. it dries almost instantly. i applied it twice to my pochette just to be on the safe side. iv used it on uggs too.
  12. bagaddict, Clarks Protector has no indication of its ingredients. Clarks say's it has Pro-Tex system, which allows the all kinds of leather to breathe as well as synthetic materials. It comes in spray from not pump.
  13. i use shining monkey and i can buy it online in a dutch store i would do a search or look on eBay for the product you think is the best