What's the best to get at the moment?

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  1. What's the best LV bag to get now? I am currently thinking of getting one from mono line or epi.
  2. i say for casual the neverfull in mono, for special occassions the epi bowling montaigne.
  3. the epi bowling montaigne in ivory :p
  4. You're kind of in between things. How about something in amarante? Or wait for the fall line.

    No wait. The best bag to get ATM is the miroir lockit. IF YOU CAN GET IT! ;)
  5. it depends what style your looking for.

    for Epi i absolutely love montaigne GM, love the clasp. but hope more color is available. black and red is a bit boring.

    for mono i'll go for speedy, Popincourt-Haut or BH. nice and casual.
  6. if you don't have a speedy I would go with that. otherwise neverfull seems to be really popular.
  7. I agree, it depends on what style you're in need of. Shoulder bag or hand held? Any specific color in mind?
    For me-I'd go with a Neverfull for mono or a Jasmin in the Ivorie Epi.
  8. i think speedy is always the way to go!
  9. i think you should hold off for now. there are so many new bags coming out i would wait and seewhat all my options were. Unless you are planning to buy two ,then i suggest the speedy;)
  10. I currently have speedy in damier and mini lin, denim baggy pm & mc trouville in white. I used to have mabillion, soufflot and noe in epi but I gave it to my mom..
  11. The black denim cabbie looks like a great bag. If you don't have a speedy though get that in mono. Something multicolor is always nice too. What do YOU like best?

    **edit** just read your last post. I think you need a mono shoulder bag. How about a BH, cabas piano or popincourt haut?
  12. i love the bowling montaigne GM.. does anyone know if red will come out or its just ivory and black?
  13. For mono, go with the speedy!!! It's an icon!
  14. some hot bags now are the Neverfull, and the denim Cabby