What's the best thing in your office?

  1. I love that it's walking distance to everything... I love the free water cooler (my last workplace had a water club! Can you believe it?)...I love the fresh flowers I put in a vase on my shelf...I love what I do. :0)
  2. 1. Greatest boss ever.
    2. Colleagues in my biz unit are great and we respect each other.
    3. Close to home.
    4. Not too stressful, great pay.
    5. Across from the Louis Vuitton store.
  3. 1. 15 mins from home.
    2. 3 mins from my boys' montessori
    3. Free drinks/snacks, sometimes lunch.
    4. Ppl I work with (and I dislike the rests LOL)
    5. Able to come in early so I can leave early.
    6. 5 mins from NM, LV, Tiffany etc
  4. 5 minutes from home, great boss and people I work with

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  5. 1) Free breakfast and free lunch (order from ~100 places online to be delivered to your desk)
    2) Bi-weekly grocery ordering to stock kitchen with snacks and drinks
    3) Free iPhone to be used as personal - company pays bill
    4) Amazing bosses!
  6. --my own office (with door) with smooshy leather sofa and chair -- for naps and for when I have to work overnight
    --casual attire when appropriate
    --great boss
    --great historic building in an historic area full of parks
    --my own hours
    --co-workers who mind their own business
    --free parking (downtown)
  7. Hometime
  8. This sounds awesome! You're lucky!
  9. 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon.
  10. Lol!
  11. 1. Working alongside my personal heros.
    2. Holding people who hurt children accountable.
  12. New office; fewer hotties. So I need a new best thing. Gotta be my coworkers - it's a hard job and we support each other.
  13. 1. The pay cheque
    2. Being able to work remotely (aka from home)
    3. Being in the City for food, drinks, talent spotting etc
    4. Flexible working hours

    The physical office itself is terrible - it was rented to create swing space to do a restack of the main office three doors down but when they realised the new design didnt create enough space for the planned expansion a few teams that act independently got stuck in the office and have been here for a few years now.
  14. 1. Decent Pay
    2. Get to surf the net all day
    3. Low accountability
    4. Can be late every day and still get a 10% raise and a 95 on my review for attendance
    5. Laid back. SUPER laid back. Can wear jeans every day. The president sits in his office and curses all day. (It's the oilfield. They are WORSE than sailors!)
    6. Super awesome boss.
    7. Flexible for all my appointments and my DD's - plus I can work from home if she is sick.
    8. New building (4 years old)
    9. Company iPhone
    10. Company Laptop

    There is the drama, the stupidity, the irrationality and frustration of working for a 5 year old company, but honestly the pros outweigh the cons. I'm very lucky.
  15. The best thing in my current office is the wireless keyboard.

    I don't understand how they spend thousands and I mean thousands, on the office furniture and its not heaven on earth comfortable

    the ability to move my keyboard wherever around my desk is nice though, even tho it cost probably only 40-80$, I'll take that over the marble desk, floor or the chair any day.