What's the best thing in your office?

  1. The whole atmosphere and culture. It is very laid back and you can even bring your dogs to work with you. :smile:
  2. No Dress code, so I can wear jeans whenever I want and I have my own office now at my current job (been here for about 3 weeks) and I have my own office so i can close the door and be at peace with myself lol
  3. no IT department to watch what i'm doing online!
    and my boss isn't savvy enough to snoop either. so as long as i get my crap done (which i'm a fast worker) i spend about 90% of my work day online.

    having my own office is a nice perk as well. i never shut the door but sometimes i'd like to.
  4. The Keurig coffee machine! And the dress code is pretty relaxed too. It's supposed to be business casual, but people get away with wearing jeans because there's no HR dept. in the office.
  5. Wow!!! Felt pleased to hear that you have so much friendly coworkers.:smile::salute: It's fun to work if you have nice people working around with you. But, most of the offices have annoying colleagues; dealing with them becomes another challenge at the office.:faint:
  6. Not an office, but a classroom ;) and the best thing? Definitely the drawings that my kids make for me and the boards with projects we have made together :heart:
  7. I'm amazed, there are so many nice things going on in your offices. :tup:
    in my office the design and decor is nice. The best thing is probably the coffee machines at every nook and cranny. Would love to be able to bring a pet to work though.
  8. probably the candy drawer. one of my coworkers would go and buy bags of gummy worms, cola cola, gummy bears, etc.

    second would be the kitchen, almost every week theres something yummy one of the higher ups eg making more money, will bring, fruit tarts, Krispy Kreme, jack in the box, extreme pizza, Kate's kupcakes, box of assorted biscuits, frozen yogurt..just to name a few.

    the conference room is really nice to sleep in when no ones using it
  9. This makes me smile :smile:

    Best things about my office:
    -LOTS of sunlight. It helps having windows!
    -Great places to eat nearby (including a really good sushi place)
    -Helpful, respectful co-workers. We all help one another out
    -Free coffee/hot chocolate/tea--can't complain!
  10. My supervisor, my co-workers. We laugh and we have fun. I can get OTC meds. The nurses and doctors are super. Lunch just about everyday from pharmaceutical reps, which makes it a bit difficult to stay on a diet.
  11. ^ I remember those days!

    we'd get a menu and jot down whatever we wanted and the reps will buy..if they don't deliver then they'd pick it up themselves :p

    I worked at a plastic surgery office and was able to get free eyelash serum..I think if I was still in that line twenty years later I'd take advantage of the other stuff too :p or maybe not..I have a fear of needles in me..poking others is no problem tho
  12. We have a doctor downstairs - such a time saver! Exercise and other classes (i.e. time management, financial, etc)!
  13. the people, frequent change of experiences and possibilities
  14. The generous salary and benefits package, the short commute, and the proximity of great restaurants and shops...and of course, my patients (most of them anyway)
  15. Everything! Haha :smile: my coworkers are the BEST, our office is equipped with the latest technology (for example we use ipads put on the walls to control temperature, light, etc.) we travel A LOT but only for fun team buildings (we are based in Europe and we travel to Vegas once a year for example) Salaries are great, what else can I say, this is the best company Ive ever worked for!