What's the best thing in your office?

  1. I like that I have my own office and doors are always closed. No body can come without knocking first.
  2. He's all mine! For eight hours a day, anyway.

    We actually have two hotties in the office. It's really a great place to work.
  3. That's def. one of my pros as well!
  4. Me too, except that my door is almost always open.

    My office building is also situated in an area with lots of awesome choices for lunch.

    Oh, and the nurse on site hands out free OTC drugs.

  5. Ye..I keep mine open too. Other pros-- really laid back and awesome boss, amazing co-workers who i can gossip with all day, having a tv and mini fridge in my office so i don't have to crowd in the pantry except when i need the microwave lol... great benefits, company blackberry, being able to attend some industry events
  6. Yeah, about the only thing comes to mind is that I have an office and most often have my door closed and I guess that my boss is somewhat easy going. Depends on what the matter at hand is though.
  7. Oh my god, NOTHING is likable in my office. Bad work benefits, ill-mannered CEO, inconsiderate and bullying-type colleagues. I am actually looking around for a better offer.
  8. My Bosses, two of the nicest people I have ever met and worked with.
    Free tea/coffee, bottled water, fruits and sometime lunches.
    The nice family feel.
    Being the only female in the office.
    The fact that I can be on TPF all day (alongside work of course!) and no one has issues with that!!
  9. I just adore my boss - she's really funny, stylish and adorable and loves handbags... And well..I guess that I just like the overall atmosphere at my office a lot!
  10. Having my own office.
    My boss, she's a great person!
    Our lounge-area. I could sit there all day. It has the cosiest sofa's and the best coffee.
  11. Gorgeous Art Deco building, nice boss that I have a lot in common with - too bad no one has LV so I'd feel comfortable carrying mine, that would make it perfect!
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    Before I became a SAHM I was pretty lucky with regards to where I used to work. Great benefits, great stock plan, Friday happy hours with free food and alcohol and great holiday parties/ milestone parties (yep, this company basically coined the term "golden handcuffs".)

    When we hit IPO, Stevie wonder performed in our parking lot (it was a HUGE parking lot at the time). Over the years, said company kept having concerts. While I was still there, I saw Earth wind and fire, Elton John, Mary J Blige, Matchbox 20 (same parking lot lol). A few years ago after I left the company, I snuck into one of the company's concerts where I saw The fray and Natasha bedingfield perform. I heard I missed Black Eyed peas one year. Last year I missed Sheryl Crow. Yeah, this company has too much money on their hands.
  13. Genentech?
  14. yup. apey you're in biotech right?
  15. i was, but am now reformed ;) i'm back in school for something completely different. i do miss the very generous benefits - east coast companies aren't as lavish. i sometimes think people here must think i am making things up when i tell them all the perks we had - specially the team building trips.