What's the best thing in your office?

  1. I know there are many things about each one' s office that everyone hates- the targets, deadlines, boss's screaming, etc, etc.:sweatdrop: But there are also some things in the office that are worthy enough. What are they? What is the thing that you feel is the best part of your workplace?:graucho:

    I like the environment of my workplace. It's nice and helps me in my overall development.

    Share your own..(May be some offices will not have any...!!!! :oh::shrugs:)
  2. I have two supervisors and the more senior of the two is one of the chillest folks I have ever worked for. Totally laid back, lets you do your job, emotionally well-adjusted and intelligent, just all around awesome.
  3. The view...Frankfurt Skyline...
  4. The small contigency of coworkers and building mates is my favorite thing.

    But, I also love the building I work in. It is one of the oldest courthouses in the U.S., so it has a lot of beautiful features that aren't found in modern buildings. The downside is that we don't have the modern features found in new buildings. Electrical outlets are hard to find and the cooling/heating system leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. My hot coworker.
  6. free sodas/tea/bottled mineral water
  7. Commute to my office, great benefits, understanding boss just to name a few :smile:
  8. Worthless without pics baby girl. ;)
  9. There's really nothing around it, it's great if you're on a diet and don't have your driver's liscence.

    I'm working part-time for a client of my dad's; my dad is one of their supplier's. We've had a problem with one of our payments, and the woman at the company's Mass. HQ is quite frankly, the biggest Messhoe I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. (My dad's mother was from Mass., and we still have a good number of family there - so I love my Messhoes! :p) But this woman is so lazy it's pretty comical - the bosses all have great laughs over her antics, and my Dad is now always filling me on in the ridiculous stuff and excuses Annette* gives him. It's annoying in the moment, but we always get great stories out of it.

    Everyone's up on celebrity gossip. I feel like I'm interning or working at The Star or The Enquirer. Even though I don't watch much of the TV they watch, I love the heated debates about The Bachelor, and being asked to help my boss with Twitter so she could follow some celebrity.
  10. +1

    (At my old job, sadly.)
  11. ...still thinking...
  12. Took me a while to come up with an answer, too! LOL
  13. My coworkers, every one of them.

    It's a dozen of us here at an outpost, a country removed from headquarters. I'm the only woman, plus the oldest by far at nearly 60.

    As my mother was dying, when she passed away, the horrible aftermath of it all with interhitance - they've stood by me, listened, gave hugs as needed.

    There are times someone brings in a whole cheesecake, or we all pitch in and order pizza or pasta for lunch. Wives plus little kids come by to get to meet the rest of the crew.

    We work hard despite the cheesecake, many overtimes hours (ours is a crazy business, aircraft maintenance). If we couldn't depend on one another, on each other's kindness and fairness, we'd sink like a stone.
  14. That doesn't sound too encouraging, Sternchen!

    What is it that troubles you most? Long commute, line of work you may not feel suited to, coworkers? All of it and then some?
  15. Long commute, idiot boss, weird colleagues (not all of them), gross refridgerator. I like what I do... I mainly just don't like my boss and the commute, lol