What's the best Summer bag?

  1. Just curious what everyone considers as a good summer bag for carrying around every day? My boutique shopping day is fast approaching and no matter how many times I look at the LV website I can't seem to quite narrow down what a good summer bag might be.

    Any ideas?:confused1:
  2. epi ivoire soufflot or anything in azur- saleya maybe?
  3. Azure anything- Noe
    Mini lin Dune speedy
    Ivoire Epi anything
    Denim pleaty, neo speedy or anything lichen that they have in store
    Antigua has some gorgeous colors as does suhali.
  4. I lived in my Antigua cabas MM last summer and reckon I'll be doing the same this year :biggrin:
  5. something in the fuschia denim would be so cute. i do second the above suggestions for the azur and the epi ivorie.
  6. The Antigua MM is a great summer bag.
  7. Saleya maybe?
  8. my summer bag is MC Alma or Denim Baggy PM
  9. What do you like shoulder or hand held? size?

    To me Azur, MC white, antigua,or the new ivorie epi are amoung my top summer favs.
  10. Lately I'm really liking the Azur Seleya PM! Perfect size and great neutral color for summer!!! Good Luck! :smile:
  11. Azur
  12. Something in Azur or epi ivoire.
  13. I think anything in Azur or Denim would look great for summer... or an Antigua Cabas!
  14. mm..azur speedy or saleya, or pochette if you don't carry much.

    neo speedy, baggy pm/gm in all three colors.

    epi ivorie in soufflot

    vernis pomme reade pm/mm, bedford

    white MC speedy or pochette or the new bag ursula

    there's lots..LOL
  15. I like the Vernis line for summer - especially the red.