what's the best stuff to clean an LV?

  1. i've got my sad-looking, little louie pouchette sitting here with me :rolleyes: ...and he's super-dirty & in need of some TLC...it's the graffiti style & i'm wondering if you girls suggest "apple garde"?
  2. anyone out there in LV-land who can help a poor pouchette :rolleyes:
  3. have you tried doing a search in this Forum? I think it's come up several times{?}
    I only have one and it's still considered new, I can't help!
  4. yeppers, i've tried searching thru all the most recent threads...but i'll try to do a bigger search right now :yes:
  5. aallabama could you please show us a pic of your little louis? i am very new to LV but i am sure others could help more if they could see a pic of it.
  6. sure, but i'm @ work now, so i've had to copy this photo that i found online...thanks so much for taking a look sma11cat :flowers:

    p.s. i've heard some cleaners can wipe off the graffiti :sad:
  7. thanks, Blueberry, i see her all the time on this forum :smile:
  8. Shining Monkey quick question: They have 1/2 dozen products how do I know which one to get? The detailer, Polish Liquid, Car Wash, Hand Glaze, wax or tire shine???? Thx
  9. Bag fetish I think that's breakin tPF rules.
  10. While I was in the LV store I asked the SA about cleaning my mussette, the handle that goes to the lock is dirty. She recommended just using saddle soap to clean my bags, as in all. But I don't know about the graffiti
  11. ya, I wouldnt touch grafit bag