What's the BEST Sneakers out there?

  1. hi!

    im looking for a very comfy sneakers...

    my work entails WHOLE day of standing (10-14 hour shifts)...

    please help me find my perfect sneakers

    thanks :heart:
  2. Trial and error.

    Everyone's foot is different. There is no definitive "best" when it comes to sneakers. The "best" pairs are the ones that fit your foot and suit your purpose.
  3. I found the asics onitsuka tiger fencing LA..sneaks to be super comfortable...I was really surprised!!..They have them on Zappos..
  4. I'm not sure any one brand of sneakers would be best for everybody. They all are cut differently and have different features.

    I do a lot of walking every day (but I don't have a job that I need to stand on my feet for long hours, like you), and I wear Salomons and Brooks sneakers. Both are available from Zappos.com.

    I wear a 7 1/2 and both of these brands seem to fit me accurately. My feet are slightly wide and unfortunately, I have almost no arch.

    Good luck in your search. Trial and error is probably your best way to find what you like.
  5. I would recommend taking a look at Dansko. But they are typically clogs, sandals, etc.; not sneakers.

    A lot of waiters, retail sales people, and doctors wear them since they are on their feet all day. While they are generally orthotic looking, they give the foot plenty of support, cushioning, etc. Several of the designs have been accepted by the American Podiatry Association.

    They sell them at Zappos, Nordstrom, Walking Store, etc.
  6. I think it depends on your style. I like Converse because they're very casual and can easily pair up with jeans or skirts. I also like Asics Onitsuka. They're very comfortable and come in different colors. They have thinner sole compare to Converse.
  7. i'm not a big fans of sneakers, but i lately i wore my very flat sole leather converse high tops.
    it's amazingly very comfortable and i like the thin sole compared to the other soles than converse had.
  8. Nike Air Max or Nike Shoxx work best for me!
  9. Depends on your budget, either Prada Sports or Puma I'd say. :smile:
  10. If you want a gym shoe, i would go with the nike air 360....but if you want something a bit more feminine or cuter, check out some of Cole Haan's nike air shoes!!
  11. i luv pumas, they're cool and comfy!
  12. my fav is Puma's. I think I own 4 different pairs and really like each one.
  13. I love Converse and Puma! They're really comfy and very reasonably priced!
  14. puma! i walk a lot and they're all i wear.