What's the BEST small wallet?

  1. I want to get the smallest wallet possible that has BOTH a coin compartment and a bill compartment. Which one would you recommend? Thanks :flowers:
  2. How about the ludlow? i don't know if it has a bill compartment but there are slots for cc's which you could use. it looks quite small...it comees in pomme too!:smile:
  3. I vote for the Ludlow - hands down!! I know you said you wanted a coin compartment AND a bills section, but even though the Ludlow only has a coin compartment, you can EASILY fill it with bills too. I always find that in the credit card section, the biggest slot on the back of the wallet can also hold ample bills as well. It's a great wallet, and is available in a great range of colours/materials.
  4. the Ludlow
  5. i don't know what your definition of 'small' is, but how about the Koala wallet? my mom has that she she loves it because it's so compact. it has a bill compartment, coin compartment AND ID window
  6. My very first LV wallet and still my fave is the Mono French Purse
  7. I love the Ludlow b/c I have one but I keep a separate change purse for bills and coins anyway so as not to stretch the Ludlow too much.
  8. I like my Ludlow-- it has enough room for cards, cash (folded) and some coins! I don't carry very much in my wallet since I'm a minamalist. I found that all of the other "compact" wallets are actually too big, and that the Ludlow was just right. :yes:

    And the best part is, the Ludlow comes in a huge variety of materials and colors. I have a (new) red Epi Ludlow. When it wears out, I'll for sure buy another of the exact same wallet (perhaps a different color though ;))
  9. if you have lots of CCs to carry, koala..if not, ludlow
  10. I have a Broome. Love it! :love:
  11. Broome is a terrific little LV.

    I love my snapped billfold wallet (mine is vernis, but it comes in many lines). It's a fully functional wallet but small in outline--but a bit chubby in profile. What I love about it is that the billfold area is actually large enough for unfolded-up bills. And it's got nice card slots.

    But for a teenier efficient one, I agree about the Broome.
  12. For a small wallet, I LOVE my Ludlow! It fits in the smallest of evening bags/small bags. If you need more credit card room, you can keep the lesser used cards in a cles. It's a great price too!
  13. the ludlow doesnt have a bill compartment, but you can fold the bill in half, and it fits in very nicely with the coins!
  14. koala or ludlow depending how small your talking