what's the best small/dinner out/non speedy damier bag?

  1. in your opinions, what's best? it would just be for light shopping, dinner, etc.- an everyday, not kitchen sink bag.
  2. perhaps pochette, tango, Ravello pm/GM, or Tribeca long?
  3. ^ a little bigger/more substantial than a pochette. thanks, though!
  4. how about the Thompson Street :confused1: ... shoulder bag, not too big and can be dressed up/down without any problem
  5. I say the pochette
  6. Pochette all the way!
  7. short shoulder bag-Ravello pm/gm depending on ur need for space
    long shoulder bag-tango, or tribeca long.
  8. I think she doesn't want a pochette :p :shame:
  9. ^^^ then I vote for the super cute Recital!
  10. my vote is for the Pochette
  11. recital's cute but I don't think it fits much more than the pochette
  12. The marly bandoulière, the denim mini pleaty, the sophie, the petit noe...
  13. Petit Noe seems to get back into fashion-and I think it is great as it is such a cute bag! Otherwise (does it come in damier?) how about the belem?
  14. recoleta!