What's the best shopping month in NYC?

  1. I'm planning my next trip to NYC, and I'd like to go at a time when the stores are having their sales. I went in June and found lots of good stuff on sale, but I'd like to go again when it's not summertime. I'm interested most in Bergdorfs and Jeffrey.
  2. Anyone?
  3. End of June, July really is the best. Next choice would probably be January. Both because end of season.
  4. It seems like stores are starting their sales earlier and earlier. I noticed NM started putting their cold weather stuff on sale just before Thanksgiving last year. I would guess Bergdorf's does the same or similar since they are both owned by the same company. I think sometimes if you wait too long, everything good is already gone. It depends somewhat on what size you wear and how common your size is.
  5. I think Dec. You see all the Xmas windows and then there are the afterXmas sales afterwards.

    January and August is also good
  6. January & August...
  7. thanksgiving
  8. end of june/month of july and january definitely - clearances galore!