What's the best price you've seen for either a MAB or MAM?

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  1. and what's a "can't pass it up" price to you?
  2. $400 or less would be a good deal, but not nuts. Greatest deal/best price was $300 (on sale and then a discount code at LB). These prices were for a new MAM. If we're talking used, it would depend on how badly I wanted it.
  3. I got my Mam for $279 at searle nyc! very sweet deal!
  4. I got my black MAB for $200! That was a once in a lifetime steal, IMO. I think $300 is a can't pass it up price and anything under $400 is a good deal.
  5. i agree, anthing under $400 is a great deal IMO.
  6. I also got my MAM for $279. If it's under $400, it's a great price for me.
  7. $298 at the Gilt sale.
  8. i think the gilt sale had rock bottom prices even cheaper than the SS.
  9. My MAB was $400 from shopbop....

    I'm hoping to get cheaper at the SS...
  10. I got my MAM for $280, my Matinee for $230 and both MAB's for around $350. Otherwise I'd prob. only have one.
  11. The gilt sale had great prices. I snagged a pewter MAB for 289
  12. $279 for my matinee and $290 for a MA. I paid full price for one MAM and $350 for the other.
  13. I got my MAM for $400 and free ship from revolveclothing.com
  14. I got my dream bag for $315, and my matinee for $315 as well (used). About $400 for both my MAB's and two wine bags at full price.
  15. I think under $400 is a great deal.