What's the best place to score a birkin in SoCal area?

  1. I know that Birkin is the most coveted bag in the world. I'm just wondering, based on your experience ladies, what's the best store in SoCal for me to check out if they have any Birkin to sell?
    What exactly their policy on this?
  2. I've yet to see a Birkin at SCP but in Beverly Hills Hermes I have seen several in the window through the years and also been offered more from the back. I would try Beverly Hills first.
  3. Someone was saying it is harder to get a birkin from the BH store coz they are usually reserved for stylists, celebrities etc.?? Can anyone confirm that?
  4. I also believe you'll get better chance in Bev Hills than SCP.
    I've seen one on the floor at Bev Hills once. and I've been to that store less than 4 times. good luck!
  5. Do they usually actually display it on the floor? Or do they hide 'em and it's really up to the SA you ask if you can see em or not?

    I did hear that Bev Hills store has more than SCP one.

    Thanks again for the info.
  6. Def BH over SCP...SCP is pretty much "in the back" for regulars only...

    Best bet, however...eBay...or second hand...
  7. Totally agree with all the ladies here. You will get better chance at BH. I never saw a Birkin on the floor, and my SA at SCP told me that they rarely receive Birkin. Do you believe them?:shrugs:
  8. They receive them...but they do not typically reach the floor...
  9. i'll be in LA tomorrow (for chinese new yr wknd) and plan on spending the entire day on saturday shopping in BH. of course, H is on the top of my list and will let u ladies know the inventory....
  10. PBC, please keep us posted, and have fun shopping in BH.
  11. Do tell peanut baby cakes! Would love to hear!!!