What's the best PDA phone?

  1. I'm looking to get a new cell phone that has pda features with it. Pretty much interested in something that can help organize my crazy schedule and allow me to have good keys for messaging. I have a RAZR right now and it has GOT to go! My hubby plans on getting the iphone whenever the heck it comes out but since I have an ipod already I'm not interested in that.

    So...curiously, what kinda phone do you all have and what would you recommend as a good pda phone?
  2. I used to used a Sony Clie' PDA and a cell phone, but got too heavy lugging both. I just picked up a T-mobile Sidekick 3. I love it!:yahoo: It has the phone, M3P, Camera, text messaging, IM, web browsing and I can cruise the PF where ever and when ever I want.:yes: I get unlimited text, IM & browsing for an additional $19.00 a month, so it is really convenient. Feel free to PM any questions.
  3. I have a Treo 650 so I'd suggest that, or better yet a 700, which i plan on upgrading to this next month. Has all the features of the Sidekick listed above but my unlimited data plan is only $15 a month!
  4. My boyfriend started with the sidekick and now has the T-Mobile MDA. The MDA costs a little more than the Sidekick ($50 or so, I believe) and I think it absolutely blows it out of the water. The Sidekick is good if you only want to surf the web and whatnot (IMO). The MDA is actually like a computer. It has Word, Excel, Powerpoint (why you would really need these on a phone, I don't know but with the Sidekick lacking such programs it doesn't make it a "PDA") but I find the phone a lot more easy to use. It has a touch screen and a pretty darn good camera... I was amazed! Its loads of fun. I also found the internet on the MDA to be much more "user friendly" than on the Sidekick. It doesn't alter websites all funky and having the touch screen makes it VERY easy to navigate. *Shrug* I'd go play with some different ones and talk to the people at the stores about what they personally use. Afterall, they work for the company and more than likely have what is considered to be "best"
  5. Well what service do you have? T-mobile, verizon, cingulair, or Sprint? Each company has it's own version of a PDA phone and depending on which service you have it's hard to steer you towards the best phone. Any questions you can PM me too.
  6. I had a sidekick 3 since it came out, and it broke about 2 weeks ago. It was great for a while, but I started to get annoyed with how inconveinently big it was. Also, the internet isnt that fast and like some other people said, its not really a PDA, its more of an entretainment phone. Also, the camera sucks and there is no video. One more thing, T-Mobile was not helpful at all with helping me replacing it...so i switched to cingular and got the palm treo 680 - so far, I love it!
  7. get the iPhone from Apple and Cingular. the best perk: you get Apple Care for it and DONT have to deal with Cingular!!!!
  8. Hey all, thanks for the great input so far. My service is Cingular FYI.
  9. ^ treo 680 w/ cingular FOR SURE.
    I have one, its amazing.
  10. The blackberry pearl is pretty awesome.
  11. I had the treo and I thought it was a good phone. I had the sidekick and I loved that phone. Not sure if that helps at all since Sidekicks are only with T-mobile.. =)
  12. For Cingular, you can go with the Treo 650/680/700/750 models, the 8125/8525 (both are HTC brand, the former being the same as the T-mobile MDA), the Blackberry offerings, the Blackjack, and I think the HP iPaq.

    I prefer the touchscreen and form factor of the Treo line (as opposed to the 8125/8525), but it seems each has their high and low points. If the Treo had a widescreen, a vertical slide to expose the keyboard, and wi-fi, I think it would be the tops out of them all (for me at least). I'd go to the store and try them out on your own.
  13. My fiancee has the MDA and loves it!

    I have a Juicy Sidekick, but I see a new PDA for myself in the future... :smile:
  14. I too have Cingular and a Treo 650. I love the phone and the pda features. The phones can be a little pricey but if you get a refurbished phone it is cheaper and still carries a warranty just in case.
    The phone also has a qwerty keyboard which is great for texting and as a bonus the whole unit looks rather chic. The only complaint I've heard about the 680 is the battery life. The 650 doesn't have the issue.
    Just go into your Cingular store or online and see what they have. Good luck.
  15. Hey all!

    Thanks for all your great advice. :p I went to Cingular and after looking at everything I wound up getting the Samsung Blackjack. I wanted a 3G phone and also the sales reps said they were getting a lot of people coming in with the Treo's with problems like the screen freezing and whatnot. So, hopefully this phone will last me another 1 to 2 years. Okay, probably more like only a year, lol. Hubby and I are technology junkies. :heart: