What's the best option for an auction?

  1. I want to list a bag tonight, and I'm wondering what's the best option I can use?
    Starting price and BIN, or BIN with best offer? I don't even know well how best offer works, can I accept different good offers and then choose the best one?
  2. Or why don't you have it as an auction only starting at the lowest price you are willing to accept? I guess it depends how quickly you want your money and if you can wait to see out an auction.

    Make sure you do your research though and see what previous bags the same as yours have sold for and put a realistic price
  3. I have never had goodluck with BIN,I always start my auctions at $0.99 I know it is risky but I have always gotten a good price in the end. The lower you start the more bids you will get.
  4. ^^^ Yup same here! Regardless of what I sell it goes on at 99p
  5. I listed 3 bags this past week with BIN or BO option, and each bag sold in less than 24 hours with BIN. :tup:
  6. There are pros and cons to both auction vs BIN. (I would advise against a reserve). With an auction, the market determines the value of your item and, sometimes you get more than you had hoped. With BIN, you get the price you want, and it does put pressure on buyers to move quickly before someone else does.