What's the best MJ bag in red?

  1. Thinking I want to add a splash of color to my collection... and am thinking red. What do you think is the best bag to get in that color? Also, anyone know if the Ursula Quilted Hobo came in red?
  2. Blake! :nuts: It looks gorgeous in red.
  3. Ursula quilted hobo came in lobster red, but has long since sold out in stores over the summer.

    IMO, I agree with Cristina, definitely the blake, preferably in brick, or maybe even the quilted MP in burgundy... drooling as I type....
  4. I like the MP in Ferrari, but I love all of the suggestions so far!
  5. Guess that means I have both short-term memory AND a need for a red MJ... I started that other thread on this same topic back in June! Thanks bag.lover:girlsigh:
  6. That Pomegranate Venetia is TDF! I also love the Tomato Blake.
  7. Don't worry, I am quite forgetful at times too. I was looking at that thread recently, that's why it's still fresh for me.

    What type of red do you like? True red? Dark red?
    Do you prefer a particular style? Shoulder bag only? Hobo shape?

    Have you seen this season's Scarlet?
  8. Baghound, I saw it recently but I can't remember which store now (will PM you if I can recall). Lobster and Moss are heavily discounted colors from Spring 06, the Lobster Hobo I saw was around $300's (an extra percentage off on top of 50% off).

    Here's the information on that style:
    14.5 x 4 x 8.5"
    Colors: Black, Blush, Chalk, Cola, Lobster, Midnight, Moss