What's the best MJ bag for all year round?

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  1. Just looking for recommendations to look at :smile:
  2. Any of the soft calf styles... Venetia, Stella, Blake, etc.
  3. ^^ITA! I just got the MP and it's a great bag for all the time. I tend to use most of my other bags on weekends and for special occasions.
  4. I agree, I use my MP almost everyday because it's not too showy and great to lug around lots of stuff because it's not too heavy... The blake is great too, just a tad heavier.
  5. I love the Stella bag, especially since I tend to cart around a lot for work.
  6. ^^ Agreed.
  7. Agreed. I don't like carrying around showy bags. It's also the perfect size; not too big or too small.
  8. Stella, for sure.
  9. Stella
  10. MP if you're looking for a decent size without the weight of the venetia...if you don't mind the weight and the fact that it's not a shoulder bag then venetia will do as well....
  11. :yes: I agee, the venetia is my favorite mj
  12. I like the MP for an everyday, all year round bag. I have owned four so far and they are the most functional bags, IMO.