Whats the best Magic Eraser or Wipes/Both when cleaning?

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  1. A longtime ago I learned about using Magic Erasers on bags with following that with Appleguard and I now live by it.

    Are the wipes only affective on light dirt or you can use it on dirt build up as well?

  2. Te wipes will work on built up dirt! In the LV FAQ section there are a bunch of threads that document the baby wipes process :smile:
  3. Oh yay wipes here I come,lol.
  4. which one is better? which one is less likely to darken the vachetta? also, can someone suggest any vachetta protector i can use? shining monkey or apple guard? thanks!!
  5. i use shining monkey all over my vachetta with no problems.
  6. I use the magic eraser all of the time and it does NOT darken the leather at all, at first it will look like you ruined it but it will dry. It will dry out the leather quite a bit though so I always use apple guard when I am finished.
  7. with apple guard i heard that it does darken the vachetta.. and with shining monkey some say it's for car use and if you have sensitive skin you should not use it on the bag.. is it true? and what's the difference between baby wipes and magic eraser? do they do the same thing?
  8. take a look at the LV faq for more information.
  9. Wipes are good for both, BUT I think the eraser is more effective at removing really deep stains simply because it strips the surface. (just in case, so it can harm because it is ripping a layer off your leather)
  10. ^^ I'm curious too