What's the best LV service you've ever gotten...ever!?

  1. I've been reading lotsa posts about bad SA's & bad boutique experiences :sad:So, in the spirit of cheering ppl up, what was your very best LV experience/service?Mine was in Paris when an SA found me a totally discontinued Mono Glacé Pocket Org. from Monaco ! I love that girl and email her from time to time :love:So, what's your best LV experience? Boutique, eLux, SA, even online or eBay? :smile:
  2. lol. i tried to make a thread about this. i thought it would be so successful!
    it didnt really work for me! i hope this one lives though!
  3. My SA is the very very best!
  4. Cool! What store ? Any particular reason? :smile: I wanna read happy stories :p
  5. my sa in boca sak's is the bomb shizzle.

    she ran up and gave me a hug yesterday!
    threw down the look book, the jewelry lookbook and sat me down at that desk until my little heart was content! she waitlisted me for the pieces i wanted AND the pieces i was unsure whether I wanted them or not!

    she had a pomme heart, and i didn't even ask her for one! i asked another sa who never even called when they came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she (the other sa) said I WAS on the list! (eeeeeeee-diot!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    she holds items when its not 'allowed'. she indulges my sense of humor and knows my tastes so well!

    The best part? being treated so well. Its just a wonderful feeling.

    3 cheers to my SA!
  6. It would have to be my SA when he was still in Melbourne, he's since gone to Sydney. I didn't ask for or waitlist for the CB at all. But he knew exactly my preferences and what suits me, what don't. So when the new CB pochette in pink came in, it was the very first one and there were only 2, he ignored the waitlist and fought hard to get that bag for me even though he didn't know if I'll get it. Once he did that, he called me and based on trust I bought it via the phone and paid by CC through fax. True enough, I love it! When I went there to collect it and he was taking it from the back, another of my SAs said he really ruffled a lot of feathers in that place to get the bag for me cos he said the moment he saw it, it was so ME. Love R!
  7. My SA at Union Square is great, and always remembers things about me. We chat about LV just like those of us on the forum, talking about designs and materials and so forth. I think he appreciates having a client who really knows the brand.

    He remembers the items I am waitlisted for, and will pretty much show me anything I ask to see. He is AWESOME and as soon as I get my checklist crossed off, I am going to send him a card on my new personalized stationary just to thank him for his great service.
  8. I called my LV store on a Monday asking if there were any Widescreen iPod cases in stock... he had located one in their store and said he would hold it for me until that Friday!!! :yahoo:
  9. so far with my two boutique experiences and phone orders my experience has been great!! the SA's have taken care of me! so..no complaints..and *knock on wood* I don't want to jinx myself.
  10. My SA at Neiman Marcus LV is really awesome! She calls me when my waitlist items come in and she treats me really well. She knows all the bags I have and will offer suggestions for new accessories and new bags. She keeps an eye out for me on new things coming out and she gets me items that I really want. She told me that she wants me to be happy with all my LV purchases and not to feel bad if I have to return something that didn't fit my needs. She's terrific!!
  11. Over the phone with my SA, the store manager at the Lahaina boutique- she's so wonderful and nice. :love:
  12. My SA at SCP. She found me a "made in France" mono pap by diving into the drawers and put it on hold before I can get to the store. Offered me a damier speedy the day when it first came out and I wasn't even on the list. She's always so cheerful everytime when she sees me and just makes my visit a pleasant one. :love:

    Karen Kooper on eBay. I bought a black inclusion speedy keychain from her and received it with a broken handle (broke during transit). I let her know and she immediately sent me a new one and even refunded my shipping. The best eBay seller ever!!! She blew me out of my mind with her customer services! :nuts:
  13. I've had quite a few good experiences but the most recent one was when my SA found a Gold Miroir Speedy for me and tucked the box with the glass trunk paperweight VIC gift inside. :love:
  14. When I bought my Speedy 40 and pochette accessories in one night. She asked me where I was parked and I told her, the mall was getting ready to close and she told me to just pull up front of Saks and she would bring them out to me. She didn't want me fumbling with them in the parking lot bc she gave me a HUGE brown LV bag. So I pull in front of Saks and THE SECURITY OFFICER escorts her to my car, he opens the back passenger side of my car and she places them inside telling me "Bye Hon! Can't wait to see you again!" the security guard said "have a wonderful evening mam" with a smile and people were around, I felt like a QUEEN !!!